Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday With The Girls

This morning it was up at 5:30 am once again.  Hey, tomorrow will be the last day for 2 weeks!!  That will be a nice break.

Today, though, Stephanie and Darin both had to work because they are beginning their vacation days on Tuesday, so that meant we were on the job.  Church starts at 10:45 so we didn’t have to rush around like maniacs getting the girls up, fed, and dressed.  We got back to the kid’s house around noon.  Zoey had asked when we were in church if we could go to McDonald’s for lunch?  Who could refuse that sweet face asking a question? 

I had already fixed a bologna and cheese sandwich for Bruce and me before leaving the motorhome this morning.  I just took it along with us.  I don’t mind taking my own food into McDonald’s sometimes and adding one of their ice creams and a soft drink to it.

                                    Our McDonald’s has a play place the kids like. DSCF5321 

We got the girls their lunches and we sat by the window to eat.  Bologna sandwich…included!  The place was jammed today.  I guess nobody was eating lunch at home.  Our weather has been fantastic the last few days and a lot of people are out and about on the weekends.   After eating, the girls went in to play with Ronald McDonald’s hamster set-up.  

                                                            Mackenzie still plays, but gets bored easily at the age of 8 3/4.DSCF5323

                                                            Zoey is still happy to play in this human “habitrail” system.DSCF5324
Although she isn’t too keen on it, Mackenzie plays in there with her little sister to keep her happy.   We let the girls play for a while and then we ordered some ice cream before getting ready to go back home.  McDonald’s ice cream is really good and it isn’t a diet-buster for me.

                                                            Hey, Grandma!  We’re up here.  Take our picture for the blog.DSCF5326

In case you are clever enough to notice, Zoey still has both of her front teeth in these pics.  I actually took these pics a week ago before we went camping and she lost her front tooth.  I never used them at that time, and since we did the same things here today… I used them this time.

We went back to the house to wait for Stephanie to get home from work.  While Bruce watched sports on Darin’s big screen TV, I cut out more paper dolls with the girls.  We color the clothes in and then cut them out.  I think I’ve only got about 714 more outfits to go.   Tuesday….hurry up and get here!  Smile


Until next time….so long for now!


Gypsy said...

I never thought of taking your own food to McDonalds. The only thing on their entire menu I can bear is coffee.

Carol K said...

It sounds like you had a pretty good day today. Church, then playing at McDonalds, what could be better?

Your two-week break sounds like just what you need...even a break from your home, the motorhome!

Dennis and Donna said...

Hey, I LOVE Mickey D's!! Me and my Ya Ya's meet there every Tuesday morning for the 75 cent Senior Citizens coffee...and the place is packed with white hair!! I might add that the coffee is refillable for no charge..and you know us cheap Seniors...Your grandkids are adorable...Keep the Senior coffee in mind...

Rick and Paulette said...

Pretty clever of Zoey to ask if they could go to Mickey D's while they were in church! How could you say no?

Bologna sandwiches in McDonalds, well that's a new one on me, even if you did bring them yourself.

One more day - good luck!

Happytrails said...

Sonds like a great day! We often frequent McDonalds for a soft ice cream without the fudge too. On these hot humid days, it is very refreshing and tasty.
Good luck with all the outfits!
Take care and be safe.
Mike & Gerri

Levonne said...

I love Mackenzie's picture. Great pose!


Two thumbs up for Mickey D's. Kids sure are smart for their size.

Randy and Pam Warner said...

Wow! I had no idea I was so negligent! If your friends won't tell you who will?

Thanks for setting me straight on not returning the favor when you comment on mine! We'll see if we can't start doing better!

Phyllis said...

Unfortunately our granddaughter Charlotte, who will be 4 on Wednesday has lots of food allergies, - eggs, soy, wheat, rye, barley, oats, dairy. Leaves us few places we can take her. We have bought her McD fries when she gets hungry and we are in the truck. She loves them.

My daughter HATES McD's. When we picked the girls up on Sat. she said NO McDonalds. I had to admit that those toys we give Charlotte come from MY HAPPY MEALS!