Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Diamond Lake, Oregon ~ and That Dancing Business

Not much going on around the homestead today.  We did take a drive to Camping World to pick up a water filter since we were on our way to IKEA to look at tables.  The girls went with us and we all ate lunch in the IKEA cafe.  So since I had some pics remaining from our recent stay in the La Pine, Oregon area I thought I would show you Diamond Lake.

It was early June when we were in the area and still cold.  Crater Lake was still mostly snowed in so we took a little scenic drive to Diamond Lake instead.  To reach the lake we drove South on Hwy. 97 to Hwy. 138 West.  This is also the way to the North entry point for Crater Lake but it was still closed to traffic.  They hoped to get it open by July we were told.  We found the Diamond Lake turnoff quite easily and went in to give it the once over.

They had a nice little marina area by the Diamond Lake Resort.  The “resort” is fairly rustic but has the basic necessities.  We saw a few small boats in the marina.  I think this is Mount Bailey in the distance.  (click on photos for a larger view)


We drove away from the marina to one of the campground areas.  As usual, we looked around for a suitable picnic spot.  It was very cool outdoors, but sunny.  And the view was great.  Nothing like a beautiful setting and peaceful atmosphere for a great picnic lunch.


From this area of the lake we could see several small boats with fishermen trying their luck.  I read that trout are plentiful here at Diamond Lake.


After lunch, we drove around through a couple of the campgrounds.  Most sites are primitive and can hold rigs 30-feet or less in length.  Nice surroundings though.  This early in the season there were only about 10% of the sites taken.  We did come across this lone fisherman in another area of the lake.  The sight made me wonder if he had the ideal fishing spot or if he had missed the boat entirely since all of the other fishing folks were in another part of the lake.


Mr. Mallard seemed to be enjoying his swim this morning.  Since the season was just beginning the place was so quiet.  Very nice!  I can only imagine how many campers were here on July 4th to make a lot of noise and commotion.


Mount Bailey??


Now, about that dancing……a lot of comments were left complimenting my dance moves.  (yeah, right)  Bruce put it all into perspective to say I looked to be in competition with Elaine Benes a character from the Seinfeld TV show back in the 90’s.  If anyone saw the episode where Elaine was dancing at the party…’ll know what I mean.  :)

Hope everyone has had a wonderful day.

Until next time….so long for now!


Karen and Al said...

I've seen lots of marinas, but none quite like that...very beautiful.

I sure do remember the Seinfeld episode of Elaine dancing... :)


Yep, saw that Seinfeld episode a few times & it was hilarious. She said she didn't rehearse that or anything & when the time came for the shot she just went in & did it. Great pics of beautiful peace & tranquility.

KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

That mallard shot was lovely.... wonderful capture of movement! And of course all the scenery shots were lovely too. Thanks!

Karen and Steve
(Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

Happytrails said...

Hope you all enjoyed your lunch at IKEA and you found the tables you were looking for.
Diamond Lake sure is beautiful. It looks so peaceful and quiet. That is a great shot of the Mallards. Your pics are just terrific. Thanks for sharing this beautiful place with us.

Take care!
Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

Wild Blue Yonder said...

I loved that episode!! Thanks for the great memory, made me smile.
Nice pictures. Looks very peaceful there.
What did you buy at Ikea?

Margie M. said...

Hi Wild Blue....we didn't buy anything this time. We checked out a replacement dining table for the RV. We came back home with a lot of measurements and may go back this weekend to make the purchase. Thanks for your comment.

Rick and Paulette said...

Great photos of Diamond Lake, it sure looks like a nice place to visit! I think I'm maybe the only person on the planet who never watched a single episode of Seinfeld! So, I'll still have to go with your dance moves as the best!

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

We do not need much from IKEA, but like looking around and having the Swedish Meatball lunch :)

Carol K said...

Our current (stick house) dining room table came from IKEA. It was the only one we found that seated four and could also expand to seat eight.

I enjoyed your pictures of Diamond Lake. We stayed there (at the RV park) for a week last July. It was great. One day we rented a pontoon boat and rode around on the lake. Awesome!

-Nellie and Jonathan said...

That's one of my favorite seinfeld episodes. No wonder your moves looked familiar! LOL :) love the pic of the duck by the way. Great colors .


Sam&Donna Weibel said...

I'm going to have to find an IKEA store and have a look, they seem to be very popular, Did The girls enjoy there day and lunch? Hope you are having fun, Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

Phyllis said...

Great relaxing pics.

Your trip to IKEA reminded me of what my daughter did the other day. She lives in older house down in Maryland - no air conditioning. It has gotten to over 100 last few days here.

To cool off she took her girls (age one and three) to IKEA. They apparently have a playroom where the three year old can be left for one hour while Mommy shops. So, Charlotte went to playroom, daugther and Abby walked around the store. Then they had lunch in cafeteria. Hey, looked for them and gave a relief from heat for a few hours.

I see on weather station, that you will be getting hotter weather in your neck of the woods now.

Jerry and Suzy said...

Thanks for taking us to Diamond Lake. If memory serves well (and at my age it doesn't always), my parents took my brother and me to Diamond Lake over 60 years ago. Glad to see your pictures, because all I remembered was the name of the lake and that we went there. Now I want to go again!

Ali said...

So good to get caught up with you. We will be in Olympia next week for Lakefair at the Capital. Once I know how schedule maybe it would work for us to connect.

Love the pictures of the grands and the dance remember the Seinfeld episode. You just got to love that time with the girls.

Enjoy the sun...who knows how long it will last.

Levonne said...

Great pictures Margie! And and have seen that episode of Seinfeld many times. It was one of the best. So that's what you look like dancing huh? Would love to see it! The Camp Host Housewife