Sunday, July 18, 2010

Oh So Busy

We took off Saturday for Mt. Rainier without getting our WiFi code from the office and by the time we got back and fixed dinner the office was closed.  We thought they stayed open until 7:00 but they closed at 5:00.  So no blog for yesterday.  I’ll post about our day at Mt. Rainier National Park in the next couple of days.

First thing this morning Zoey’s tooth finally came out.  It was very, very loose so I’m glad that is finished with for now.

                                               Waiting for the tooth fairy now.DSCF5645

Today we chose to just stay put in the RV park and it is what the girls like best anyway.  The morning was very overcast, as usual, and the clouds took their sweet time burning off.  It was after lunch before we could see blue sky.  The girls wanted to go over to the park cafe for the pancake breakfast this morning, so we went ahead with that.  The pancakes were really good and all you can eat for $3.00.  Not bad. 

When we got finished with breakfast they wanted me to sit outdoors with them while they played restaurant.  I pulled out one of our folding chairs and brought my book and iced tea with me. 

                                       I wonder how many pages of this book I’ll get to read today? DSCF5654

The funny thing about their restaurant game is they never have what I order.  This has been going on since Mackenzie was 2 years old.  She (and now Zoey) ask what I want to order.  I name an item and they always say, “We don’t have any of that.” 


                        Zoey takes my order, but I can’t have what I want !!DSCF5651

We did have a couple of spilling disasters during our restaurant time.  Here we are enjoying our outdoor fun just before Annie decided to bark and run toward a man walking too close to our site.  She pulled on the leash she was on, it caught on the table leg, things crashed to the ground. 


Then it was time for Mackenzie to serve me the meal from her restaurant.  She is sashaying all over the place and in a minute backs into my table and knocks everything crashing to the ground again…..3-ring circus time!

                                       She served up a perfect (plastic) meal….with no calories.DSCF5655


They did some bike riding again today.  Zoey needs a bigger bike and we need to start working without the training wheels.  Mackenzie rides well now and goes around the RV park easily.  We go out too, so we can keep an eye on them and Annie gets a walk that way.



After bike riding and lunch time they wanted to go swimming.  It is an indoor pool so the weather conditions wouldn’t matter, although the sun was now shining.  Bruce and I tried to beg off, but the girls told us that we had promised them that we would go swimming on Sunday.  Is it Sunday already???  So we put on our swim suits and the 4 of us made our way to the pool.  At least it was warm.  No photos of us in our swim suits allowed !!!

The pool didn’t stay empty for long.  About 5 minutes after we got there 8 other folks came to enjoy the water.  We stayed for about an hour.


After changing back into our clothes more bike riding was on the agenda.  While I fixed dinner, Papa got the girls involved in a game of dominoes to keep them busy.  Everyone is now asleep and I can finally get this blog published.  Even Annie is snoring.  It was a busy day.

Tomorrow morning we will get ourselves ready to head back to Tumwater.  I have a posts to write about our day at Mt. Rainier and an RV Park Review for this campground coming up in the next couple of days.

I know reading about some blogger grandkids isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.  But this blog is about our lifestyle living in our motorhome full time and that means I’ll be posting about our lives with our family at times as well as our adventures traveling.  It all comes with the territory on this blog.

Until next time… long for now!


Happytrails said...

Looks like you all had a busy day!! I just love to watch kids pretend. What wonderful imaginations they have! Sorry you didn't get what you ordered. ha

It's funny I just posted on my blog why we blog. Your blog tells us about your life and it isn't all about traveling...its about living. Keep blogging...I love it.

Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

Gypsy said...

You have a lot of patience with the restaurant game. I'm not sure I would have continued after Annie's mishap. Thanks for the laugh.

KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

Oh what a great day filled with lots of activities! Your restaurant game is one where memories are made of. I am sure the girls will sometime bring it up when they are grown: "Remember when Grandma couldn't ever order what she wanted???" LOL

Karen and Steve
(Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

Sharon said...

It is ALL an adventure and I enjoy every minute. Thanks for sitting down to write even when you must be exhausted!

Carol K said...

What fun to read about your day in Randle with the grands! I missed your blog on Saturday so it was great to see you back online. I look forward to hearing about your trip to Mount Rainier.

Merri and Steve said...

Maybe this is their way of "payback"! They ask for many things and seem to hear NO! so now they get their turn, LOL!


Wild Blue Yonder said...

I love reading about your travels, with and without your grandkids. That campground looks like alot of fun!
Keep up the great blog!

Rick and Paulette said...

I like reading about the "Grands" Margie, so just keep doing what you're doing. As you say, your blog is about your life and your grandchildren are obviously a big part of that.

That's really funny about the restaurant never having what you order. I wonder why they say that?

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Isn't it just great to have a campground day with the kids, although once they are mobile on the bikes and meet friends they are always going, Adam carries his walkie-talkie so we have constant updates on where he is and what he is doing when playing away from our site or not with us. That;s the price of getting bigger, bigger horizon's. Tell the girls they can make a lunch for us when we meet up with you guys someday. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna

Jerry and Suzy said...

No need to apologize for blogging about your days with the Grands. They are delightful kids, and your love for them shows through.

That Maple Grove park is really a delightful place. We need to go back there someday when we are back on the road!

smdrm said...

I enjoy reading your posts whether they're about your adventures alone or with your family. The grandchildren will never forget the times they spent with you.

Thanks for sharing!

Selene, NC

-Nellie and Jonathan said...

We'd play nurse nonstop with my grandma in the back of the car for the SEVEN hours it took to get to Louisiana from our house in TX. She had to take care of all our sick baby dolls.

I'm telling you...these are the things they will treasure!


Kimberly and Jerry Peterson said...

Don't ever apologize for sharing the important things in your life.

We love reading about your adventures, even when that adventure is eating fake food in an outdoor restaurant.

Dennis and Donna said...

Hey, NEVER apologize for blogging about family, grands, dogs..daily life..If I can blog about mammograms, then EVERYTHING is fair game! I love reading about family stuff..When all is said and done..that's what REALLY counts in our lives...Keep it up!!!

JODI said...

I love a blog that is "real". Full of lifes ups and downs, travel and family; that's what makes for real. Keep blogging away. Now, if I may suggest a game for you to play with the "Grands"...Racko. It is my favorite game! And if you can get those two adorable girls to love the game then I am prepared to be the older grandchild and babysit. ;-)

Jessica said...

I am loving your blogs about the time you spend with your grandkids, and looking forward to the day when Harry and I can do the same thing with our grandson! :) (He is 15 mths old.)
Haha - and when that day comes, I'll be writing about it too!

Phyllis said...

You look cold! I wish I could be cold for a while. We are in our fifth heat wave this year. It's been above 90 for last 5 days and forecast shows above 90 at least until Sunday.

Send some of that chilled air east please.