Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Some snow photos from December 2008

As you found....we did not successfully get the photos uploaded onto the last blog. We think we have the process down in our cotton-picking brains finally.
The top left photo is of Bruce at our daughter's house. He had been giving the snow shovel a workout on their driveway in hopes that she would be able to get her car our of the garage. Unfortunately, the city of Tumwater did not snowplow her street so it didn't matter if she could get out of the garage...she still couldn't drive down her street to work. Bruce ended up driving her to work and picking her up again for about a week. At least we were there with the 4-wheel drive to be of help to her.
The other 2 photos are of our little RV/mobile home park here in Tumwater. Those pictures were taken a couple of days after a light rain had fallen and the snow had packed down a good bit. Even after the snow had begun to melt on the roadway, the snow pack in front of the RV lasted another week at least.
Several times Bruce got on top of the motorhome to clear snow off to avoid a danger to the vehicle. The satellite dish was also out of order for a few days as it was frozen. We keep a supply of DVD's on board so entertainment was no problem. The park also has a limited cable TV service we connected to for local news and so forth.
Finally this past Sunday, we were able to drive the RV out of our space and go to the local truck stop and fill up with propane. Our low temperatures are currently staying above the freezing mark so our electric heat pump is working and we do not have to rely on the propane heater. Terrific! The heat pump does a much better job of keeping the motorhome at an even temperature than the propane heater does.
This winter has provided us with the opportunity to learn all sorts of things about living in an RV during difficult situations. I think we've had enough education on that for now, however, and I don't want to have to learn anything new for a while. There are a couple of other RVer's here in the park we've talked with and they, too, say they won't stay through another winter. Most likely this type of condition won't repeat itself for many a year. To be on the safe side though, we'll depart for warmer climes after next Christmas. Winter has really just begun and I'm fairly certain we'll see a bit more snow before March 14th when we leave for Virginia.
Life is good! And always an adventure.