Sunday, July 11, 2010

Setting The Table



We had taken a trip up to Renton last week to see the selection of dining tables at IKEA.  We saw one we thought was good, but needed to think it over for a few days before making the big decision.  We like IKEA because the furniture there is not expensive but mainly because it is so functional.  We wanted a table that had more surface space and some storage.  We bought the Gate Leg table and brought it home in a box.  Assembly required with IKEA products.




The first step was to remove the existing table and vacuum the carpet.  Annie was wondering where that table went.  She looked out the window to see if it was there.  Nope.







You always get assembly instructions “written” with cute little pictures.  There were 8 pages of instructions for this table.









The kits come with all necessary hardware, hinges, pegs, etc. included in the box.









Bruce gets to work attaching the 4 hinges to the table top.  There are 2 fold-down leafs (leaves?) so this will compact for retracting the slide for travel.




The base section is connected to the table top next.  I’m really helping out by taking photos of the entire procedure.  :)





The 6 small drawers have to be assembled next.  There will be 3 drawers on each side of the table.  We plan to transfer stationery supplies into these drawers, thus freeing up space in Bruce’s closet. 







Here is one drawer which has been placed within the base frame of the table.





Here is the final product -- assembly complete.  We are keeping our original dining chairs even though the finish is slightly different.  We also have 2 folding chairs that match these main chairs and we keep those for the “Grands” to sit on.  When we leave Tumwater we remove the folding chairs and store them in our basement compartment. 


Here is 1/2 of the new table….the outside leaf has been lowered.  When we travel both leafs (leaves?) will be lowered and the table will only be 10 1/4 inches deep.  If we stop for a quick lunch we can raise the outside leaf, sit down and enjoy our meal. 


Here is a final side view of our table fully extended.  There is plenty of room for 4 people to sit down and enjoy a meal together.  We will be testing it out this coming weekend when we take Zoey and Mackenzie out on a little camping trip.


There is plenty of room for the computer when we are not eating.  From this location I can type out my blog posts and still keep an eagle eye on the TV if it is on.  The weight is slightly more than our old table, but we’ve gotten rid of some things recently that we discovered (after almost 2 years) we weren’t using.  Plus, we have weighed our coach and we are well under load capacity.  Just in case you are wondering about that. 

We are needed for babysitting tomorrow after all.  Bruce figured out we will be having the girls 11 days in a row beginning tomorrow. We will be leaving Friday morning for Randle, Washington.  They are looking forward to a little trip in the motorhome.  Hopefully, I’ll still have my sanity by the time this is over.  We get our own vacation at the end of July.  We plan to make a quick trip over to Idaho to visit with my aunt and uncle.  We are looking forward to that.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.

Until next time… long for now!


Sue and Doug said...

nice new table and storage to boot!!..good job!..just sent you a message with regards to meeting next sunday, july 18th..but I have now read that you are leaving on Friday for Randle, Washington...too bad..we are coming back through on july 23rd from Lincoln City, Oregon..maybe we can set something up then??

Happytrails said...

Love the new table and all the storage drawers that come with it. Great job to Bruce for putting all those pieces together.
The finish blends great with the chairs and the look is really good!
Mike & Gerri

Carol K said...

That looks like a great table, Margie. Good job, Bruce, putting it together! A table with storage, now that makes sense!

Rick and Paulette said...

That is a beautiful table and very handy in the way it folds down to such a small footprint. Congrats to Bruce on getting it altogether - the pile of parts looked pretty daunting. Nice job on photographing the progress as well. Have fun with the "Grands" tomorrow!

-Nellie and Jonathan said...

Love the new table!! IKEA is one of my favorite stores :)


Sam&Donna Weibel said...

We like the new look, that table sure gives you a lot of room, with extra storage to boot, looks like an excellent choice. Have fun with the Kid's, we know you guys are looking forward to it, Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.


To date, IKEA remains my favorite store of all time. First & only time I was ever in one was Tempe, Arizona. They sure know how to set up & run a great looking store!! That is a very big table but fits in perfectly for you. Multi purpose as well & that's a bonus in an RV. I normally don't have the patience for assembling stuff but luckiy Kelly has the patience & the smarts to figure things out. I know how to turn the screwdriver handle.......

Merri and Steve said...

Love the new table! What a great idea! Guess I'm going to need to make a trip to ikea someday. I've never been there.

Camping trip with G-ma & exciting!!!
Have fun!


Dennis and Donna said...

Now we know why we are suppose to have children when WE are a bit younger, eh? I hear ya..I LOVE them more than life..but they can reduce me to jelly in 24 hours..LOVE THE NEW TABLE!!

Margie and Roger said...

Oh, Margie, I bet you are just worn out from taking all those photos of the new table, ha ha. Hey, as CEO of "the blog" it's your job.

That really is a great table. Does it fasten to the floor for traveling or won't that be necessary? It's always nice to have extra storage space.

I love that big window beside the table.

Jerry and Suzy said...

That's a great table! The storage idea is fantastic. There's no way we could adapt our MH to use it, however - we'd lose too much valuable storage, as well as our computer desk. But I can see that it will be perfect for you guys.

Do enjoy your time in Randle! We were so pleased with the area when we went through a few years back. We stayed at one of the membership parks (K/M?) when we were there. Had a great time. And you are close to the two mountain parks.

Sharon said...

Great table! I think it's probably a good thing I have to travel 200 miles to get to an IKEA. Same for Trader Joe's!!

Gypsy said...

Your pictures are so good, Ikea should buy them from you and include them along with the printed instructions!

My 5th wheel dining table has a center leaf that can be brought up for additional space; it folds up nicely and swings back down below the table surface when not needed. There are times when you need more table space, so I think you will enjoy your new table.

I love my grandchildren dearly but they sure wear me out in a hurry. I'm glad you have something planned for yourselves, which will also help the "let-down" feeling you'll get when you're child-care is finished for the time being.

Levonne said...

Great table! I wonder if IKEA has a sofa for our RV? The one we have in our fifth wheel has sagged on the end cushions since the week after we got it. We are going to have to do something. Any suggestions?

Margie M. said...

Thanks everyone for the comments.

Margie and Roger: No, this table does not have a bracket for locking to the MH floor. It shouldn't need one but we'll make sure it can't tip as we drive. We forgot to latch the original one a few times and it never went anywhere.

Levonne: Try for window shopping for a new couch for your 5er. They have a ton of styles and you may find one you like.

Ikea rocks!!!