Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Quiet Wednesday

I was happy to see a new “Follower” today on this blog.  I would like to welcome Karen Hardamon with a big THANK YOU.  I appreciate you joining the group to read about our lifestyle as fulltime RVer’s. 

The weather has been great here the past several days.  We have seen daytime temps from 70 to 77 degrees and it feels wonderful.  In spite of the nice weather we spent a quite Wednesday today with the “Grands”.  Once we get over to their house in the morning we put the coffee on.  Sometimes the girls are still sleeping and sometimes they aren’t.  This morning Mackenzie was up when we arrived but was snuggled up on the couch watching TV. 

  First thing I do is put on my giant reading glasses, grab my coffee, and check out the blogs of the morning.DSCF5519

Sometimes Bruce and I feel a bit weary….even after a good night’s sleep.   Could be our busy schedule, ya think?  Today was one of those weary days and we decided to just enjoy a quiet day.  After doing some work in the math workbook with Mackenzie and the reading workbook with Zoey we played a board game.

                       Mackenzie is thinking hard about that answer.DSCF5461

                              Zoey is working on her printing today.DSCF5459

Having finished their homework we got out the Princess Monopoly game.  Playing games has always been favorite things to do in our family.  Mackenzie ended up winning fair-and-square.  In fact, she killed all of us off one by one!

                       Mackenzie was the banker for the game.  DSCF5522

We later took a trip to the used book store over in Olympia where Bruce picked up a couple of books for himself and the girls each got a book to read.  I have so many books stashed away that I’ve yet to read I didn’t dare purchase another.  A few years ago I bought some children’s CD’s at the Dollar Store, so when we drive we get to hear those….over and over and over and over.  The girls enjoy it and they sing along.




After lunch it was time to go over to the library for the weekly children’s program.  Mackenzie elected to stay home with Papa this time.  Zoey was eager to go.  I drove to the Timberland Library with Zoey and we got there early enough to get a good space on the floor.  Yeah, Granny here sat on the floor with the kids and the mommies.

                       Zoey got a front row seat and waited for Aquifer Man to begin the program.DSCF5528

Right on the dot of 2:00 Aquifer Man began his program.  He was totally hilarious and had the kids right in the palm of his hand.  A real pro with the audience.  His program was all about teaching kids the value of working to keep our water resources clean and healthy and he did it all with magic.

                       Jeff Evans is Aquifer Man.  He was fun and entertaining, even for the adults.DSCF5534

His magic act was outstanding.  The young Mom sitting on the floor next to me was as amazed as I was at his abilities.  She kept asking, “How did he do that?”  I had no answer because I couldn’t catch a clue either.  He was good.


                                                    He did some magic tricks with a rope that were unbelievable. DSCF5531 By the time Zoey and I got back to the house Stephanie was home and Bruce and I were relieved of our duties for the day.  Tomorrow at 5:30 am our job will begin all over again.  Plus….tomorrow evening they will come over to our RV home to begin their 4-night stay with Grandma and Papa.  Friday morning we leave for a little camping trip.

I should have titled this post “Weary Wednesday”.

Until next time….so long for now!


Gypsy said...

You will probably get wearier in the coming days!

Those girls are just darling.

Rick and Paulette said...

A Quiet Wednesday?? You've got to be kidding me! I was getting more and more tired as I read each paragraph detailing all of your activities with the "Grands"!

You just might wear the kids out before this summer is over if you keep going like this. It sure looks like they are having a ball though!

Margie M. said...

Oh Rick you are funny! Yeah, that is what goes for being "quiet" around here.

Pismo that is Quiet with a capital Q. Can't wait!

Carol K said...

I agree with Rick. Your day was quiet only because you didn't go sightseeing. But you still took good care of the girls and kept them focused and busy and learning and then went to the library program. Staying busy helps keep you young, or so they say!

I hope the girls enjoy the RV trip. That's a different kind of being busy!

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

I can just see Margie with Aquifier Man, I would have been right there on the floor next to you going, "How does he do that" I love magic, Glad to see you guys will be setting out for a camping adventure as Adam calls it. We are ready to leave as soon as Saturday gets here. Thank God for Grandchildren, believe me they do keep you young, although your body tells you different. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

Jerry and Suzy said...

We're late readers this morning so all we can do is agree with all of the above.

Happytrails said...

Yup..I agree! I got tired just reading the post. I am a retired teacher and used to do that with 23
children and looking back I don't know how I kept up... but I did. You are providing a great summer for those sweet "grand" and they will remember it forever! What wonderful memories!! Thanks for sharing with us...I'll take good notes in case I'm ever a grandmother myself. I can't wait. Hope I still have the energy!!

Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

Dennis and Donna said...

Beautiful Grandkids! Ah, yes..I did "Music Class" with Aiden, our younges grandson...There were only one other set of grandparents there...and they did NOT dance, prance, play, jump and run like Mimi (that's what he calls me)did...I still have injuries from that one! But...isn't it just too much fun????