Friday, July 16, 2010

The Circus Came To Town

I sat down a few minutes ago to type out this post while Zoey is sitting across the table from me doing some craft project.  I was talking to Bruce about something and Zoey seriously looks up at me and says, “You talk too much.”  The kid could be on to something there!  She didn’t say it in a rude manner, it was just an observation of a 5-year-old and she was speaking out loud. 

The circus did come to town today and that circus appears to be us.  Seems that chaos reigns much of the time when the Grands are around and things do take on the appearance of a 3-ring circus.  As planned, they spent the night Thursday night and we got them tucked into bed with Toy Story playing on the TV Zoey.  Zoey lets out a small holler and she comes into the bedroom where we are reading.  She has a mouth full of blood and she said her front tooth was very loose.  That was an understatement as it appeared to be sort of hanging….but not completely out.  Something about a pillow smacking her in the face and the jury is still out on how that might have happened.  I got her to rinse her mouth several times and we put a bit of tissue there to soak up the blood.  It quit bleeding but the tooth hasn’t fallen out yet.

This morning we set out for Maple Grove Resort in Randle, Washington.  It is approximately 85 miles southeast of Tumwater.  We got underway early.  You know…before 11:00 am.  With the girls around we just can’t get things done much faster, especially after a breakfast trip to McDonald’s first.  :)

                                       The girls ride on the sofa with seat belts fastened.  DSCF5551  

We got there, checked in and selected site #2 as our own for the next few days.  (I’ll post an RV park review in the near future)  We got organized, as Zoey called it, and then we fixed a quick lunch and sat outside at the picnic table to eat.  Zoey decided on our last camping trip that she prefers to eat al fresco, thank you very much.   No sooner had we cleaned up and the girls were wanting to play with the squirt guns.

                            It was a warm day and this activity kept them outside for a while burning off energy.DSCF5556DSCF5557DSCF5558DSCF5561     

After the squirt gun fun had worn off, the circus decided to try a new activity.  They have an indoor pool here so we took them over for a swim.  That took up another hour and then it was back to the motorhome.  We pulled their toy box out from our basement storage and put it on the lawn by the RV.  Out came all the play dishes and fake food.  That seems to be a hit with them most of the time. 

                                       Mackenzie got herself set up at our picnic table.DSCF5574

                                I got out the small folding table for Zoey since she wanted to use it.DSCF5578

We all ate dinner at the new IKEA table tonight and it worked great.  It traveled well on our trip today, too.  So we have definitely decided to keep it.  There was plenty of space for everyone and it was a more sturdy table too.


Tonight at the RV park they had the Ice Cream Social.  For $1.00 they serve up a large dish of ice cream and have several toppings to choose from.  Mackenzie saw that on the schedule when we checked in and suggested we all go.  Normally we don’t go for those….too many calories…..but this was for the Grands!  (Yeah, right)  So after dinner we trooped over to cough up our dollars.  I elected not to get any, but went along for the usual photo opportunity.

                                       Zoey opted for chocolate ice cream with caramel and chocolate topping.DSCF5582

                                                      Mackenzie chose vanilla with caramel and chocolate topping.DSCF5583

There was some bike riding time before coming back into the motorhome to stay and play quietly while Papa napped and I began this post.  I thought my comment yesterday about the Grands napping would get a reaction from my readers!  There is no way at 5 years and 8 years there will be any napping going on with them.  It was just wishful thinking on my part.  Bruce and Annie have no problem with napping, that’s for sure.


Saturday we are driving up to Mt. Rainier.  The Visitor Center at Paradise is our destination.  We are looking forward to a great day.

Until next time… long for now!


Happytrails said...

Looks like things are going non-stop for ya'll and the grandkids; more energy expended than I have. Your grandkids are having the time of their life and will remember these days with much warmth and joy.
You guys continue to take care and be safe.
Mike & Gerri

Rick and Paulette said...

Another great day and wonderful pictures with the Grands! I love the fact that the kids are playing with squirt guns, play dishes and stuff and not hi-tech video games!

You talk too much?? Kids do say the darndest things!!

How could you pass up that ice cream social? That looked yummy!

Carol K said...

Aw, circus?? That's not a circus, just normal camping with kids. Better you than us, though! ;-)

We enjoyed our visit to the Paradise visitor's center. The movie there was great--don't know if the grands would enjoy that, though. They will get a kick out of the snow outside the center if it's still there.

Good job documenting your day with words and pictures, as usual.

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Ah the squirt guns,wait till they graduate to the Super Soakers, Grandpa is never safe anywhere if I venture out side in super soaker range. they really put out an amazing amount of water, but Evens is a tough game and Grandpa now has his own soaker so watch out Adam.. Have fun and be safe out there. Sanm & Donna.

Jessica said...

Looks like a great trip with the grands! These will be days they will remember forever. Haha - I did notice the comment about the napping and thought wishful thinking!! :) When I used to have my nephews for a couple weeks, we used to have "quiet time" when they would watch a movie and I, ummm, rested my eyelids!!

Dennis and Donna said...

Yea,, we look like a carnival side show when we take our grands..They can only handle 2 nights with us..The older kids miss their "posse"..and the 6 year misses his parents...OK by us...We miss our peace and quiet, so it all works out for everyone involved...

Jerry and Suzy said...

Those grands may be a handful, but it sure seems that they are NICE kids, even with five year old comments. And after all that energy used up, the ice cream and toppings were a necessity!

-Nellie and Jonathan said...

Your posts and pics make me want to be your grandkid!!! I already have a blog momma (Crazy Donna) want to be my blog grandma? :)


Phyllis said...

Your post makes me yearn for when our one and four year old will be your Grands ages and we can take them with us a few days. ONLY a few days, thank you!

JODI said...

You two make me want to be your grandchild.


I completely missed the whole 'Fathering' process years ago so Grandchildren are not a part of my life today. When I read about people's love of Grandchildren & all the shenanigans going on I have trouble identifying with all that. I have only known one little person in my life & that was only for about 4 years & a long time ago. The few faded memories of that era & the zany fun times we had remain as some of my best, & saddest memories.

Margie M. said...

JODI and Nellie -- Yeah, you guys can be our grandkids too. But since you will be the older ones, you will have to babysit the younger ones sometimes !! :)

KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

Ohhh what fun!~ they look so cute playing with their dishes and dress up and dolls. And how nice to have a variety of things for them to do, including ice cream!

Karen and Steve
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