Saturday, July 10, 2010

Great Comments and Giant Bats

First of all Welcome Aboard to new “Followers” Kathy and Robert.  I appreciate you coming along for the ride and THANK YOU very much for taking time to visit with me here.

Yesterday I posted about our trip to Tolmie State Park with Zoey and told about our fun adventures.  That prompted several comments, and I thought I’d relate some thoughts of my own on a couple of them.

Nellie and Jonathon left a funny comment about Bruce’s white feet in the pic with the squishy green goo we stood in.  Nellie and Jonathon are from Texas and are used to a lot of sunshine down there.  Us folks in the Pacific Northwest don’t see sunshine all year.  In fact it is fairly cold 6 months of the year and we all stay covered up.  But watch out when the spring comes around and we begin to get some sunny days…even if the temps are still in the 40’s…folks begin to uncover their bodies.  And boy, you really see some white body parts then !!!!  You really need to put on your sunglasses because all of those white bodies in the bright sunlight really cast a glare in the old eyeballs !!! 

And a very nice comment was left by Dennis and Donna about our time with the Grands.  They mentioned that it really did kids so much good to get outdoors and enjoy nature and the environment and be away from the TV and video games.  We couldn’t agree with that statement more.  That is our primary motivation in getting the girls out to some of the nice community parks and state parks when we have our babysitting days.  We want the Grands to learn to appreciate the great outdoors and see all of the fantastic things we can possibly get them out to see.  We took them to Disney World last year and that was terrific….but there is nothing that can compare with the “real world” and not just see a manufactured fantasyland.  If we were able to take them away for a couple of weeks of RV adventure we’d head off to Yellowstone or some interesting place like that.  Hopefully someday we will have that opportunity.

I could totally relate to a comment left by the Bayfield Bunch about how they used to have more “beach days” when they lived further inland than they do now living closer to Lake Huron.  Sometimes we just don’t get out to enjoy what is right in our own backyards.  I know we sometimes don’t even appreciate what we have near us.  When we lived in Southern California and our son was about 9 years old he heard us commenting about people coming to our area for their vacations.  He asked me, “why would people come to California for a vacation?”  He was born there and took it all for granted:  Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm, San Diego, Los Angeles, the beaches, the mountains, Palm Springs, Monterey, San Francisco,  Yosemite and so much more.  Many people spend thousands of dollars to take a family vacation trip to California and Dennis couldn’t understand why they’d do that.  It was just an ordinary place to him.   So here in Washington, getting Zoey and Mackenzie out to see what is in their own backyard is part of the magic for them and us in sharing it with them.   

Speaking of going places….when we were in the Animal Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World in April we saw some amazing bats.  They are Giant Fruit Bats and they were big.  They are at home in the Southwestern Pacific area. 


The fully grown bats can have a wing span up to 5 feet.  Wow!  They have furry dog looking faces. 


They have very sharp teeth that are used to bite through tough fruit skins.  Bats are mammals.  You can see the shape of their head by looking at this guy on the right in the photo.  They are almost dog like in shape.


Is this one Batman?  Hey…you guys don’t know it but Bruce’s middle name is Wayne.  That makes him Batman….”Bruce Wayne”.  Don’t tell him I shared that little detail with the world of Bloggers.   hehe


See, there is a lot of fun stuff to see at Disney World that is not all about fantasy.  These bat-guys are big enough to give ya’ll some scary dreams, that’s for sure. 

I hope everyone enjoyed their Saturday.  We didn’t see the kids today which is good.  They need time with Mommy and Daddy and Grandma and Papa need a rest every now and again.

Until next time… long for now!


Happytrails said...

I couldn't agree with you more! Kids need to get out and see nature...all of it. Far too many children spend their time inside in front of a TV either watching a show or playing games. You all are really expanding their education (and they don't even know it, ha!) Your "grands" are very fortunate to have such terrific grandparents. Especially since one just might be Batman!!

Take care and have fun with those special girls!
Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

Rick and Paulette said...

It was nice to read the comments of other bloggers tonight. I often find by being an 'early commenter' on some blogs that I miss out on what everyone else has to say, so it was nice to read these. I agree too about us folks up here in these parts having 'white feet' etc. I never look forward to my first visit to the pool in Palm Springs in January! Enjoy your day off!!

Carol K said...

I agree with all the comments about getting kids (and ourselves) outdoors. It's important and sometimes it's the last thing we think of doing. During retirement it's something we can make a priority even if we didn't do it earlier in our lives.

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Right on with the getting out, even at home we encourage our Grandson to go outside and play and not camp out in front of the TV. To many kids only know video games and cartoons, Those bat pictures are awesome, great shots, Tell Bruce his secret is afe with us. Be safe out there, Sam & Donna.

Karen and Al said...

I hate to see kids with their video games with them every where they go. They are with their parents, but are oblivious to the parents or anything around them.

Those are some huge bats. I never knew they could get that big. I had to go back and re-read your post...5! Can you imagine seeing one in the wild flying around?

Jerry and Suzy said...

Five foot wingspan? Yikes!

We have also taken our own home area for granted. Nine years in Butte, Montana, we never got to Banff and Lake Louise, didn't get to Mount Rushmore until long after we moved out of Montana. But we did visit Yellowstone several times!

Dennis and Donna said...

Just for the record...Bats are NOT my fav's..We had bats flying in and out of our upstairs bedroom when it was "under construction"..I slept with my head under the covers most of the time...our bats were the small ones..I cannot imagine 5 ft wings..Sounds like a B horror flick to me..But..GREAT PICTURES!!


I had a giant bat once....I used to hit a giant baseball with it:))

Sue and Doug said...

nothing like your own backyard!! is fun to share it with fellow bloggers who may never see our part of the country!! the way margie:..we are coming through on sunday..cabela's in lacey, washington is our stop on sunday morning??..are you game??..we are hoping to be there when they open at 9:OO but more than likely it will be closer to 10..let me for coffee???

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