Monday, July 12, 2010


I’ve included some recent pics of Mount Rainier here in Washington.  Click for larger view.

Now, about profiling……..

That word has been making big news lately down in Arizona.  I’m not a political blogger and that isn’t the type of profiling I’m referring to in this post.  I’ve been thinking about RVer profiling.  Have you ever thought about what other people think about your life as an RVer, especially a fulltime or long-time RVer ??  We know some people that seem to say (without really saying it) “when are you going to get over it?”  Sometimes other RVer’s can assume you might fit a certain profile, too. 

Over the past 20 years I’ve read a lot of books and articles regarding the fulltiming lifestyle.  I began to get interested in this lifestyle after I read the book written by Bill Moeller (I think that is the correct name and spelling) and his wife.  That was back in the late 80’s and their book gave a great deal of information on the technical and practical aspect of becoming a fulltimer.  Back then they had purchased a travel trailer that was about 27 feet long.  Many years later they graduated to a longer 5th wheel trailer.  As I remember from their book, they traveled from place to place at will and didn’t belong to groups or clubs.  They were able to enjoy their lifestyle on their own terms.  Pretty much that is what we all do. 

A few times I’ve read some articles that give you a sample of test questions to see if you are ready for a fulltime or long-time RV journey.  They are things to think about but the answer you give may not mean anything at all in the big scheme of things.  I guess what I am saying is one size does not fit all. 



For instance, if I was contemplating a fulltime lifestyle and could not afford a honkin’ big MH or a 40-foot 5er, would I not pursue my dream?  Not on your life!  I would live this lifestyle if all I could afford to live in was a 22-foot MH or travel trailer.  After all, it isn’t about the rig you’re living in or traveling in… is all about the journey.   If you are only comfortable driving or towing something small, don’t listen to other folks that say “it can’t be done” go bigger.  That phrase go big or go home does not apply to RV’s in my opinion. 

Everyone also has their own point of view on what they want to see when they travel by RV.  For some it is nature and the great outdoors.  Many may shun the desert areas.  Others may hate to go into the mountains.  However, if I wasn’t having a good time visiting state parks or natural areas would that mean I shouldn’t be a fulltimer?  Again….in my opinion the answer is no.  I think a person that is not a nature lover but enjoys staying in cities, large or small, can still be a fulfilled RVer.  Maybe you have allergies and trees make you sneeze.  Maybe you just don’t like the “dirt” found in remote campgrounds.  Then there are plenty of RV parks in cities that will be suitable.   I don’t think you have to be John Muir to enjoy living fulltime in an RV.


What about people?  What I mean is meeting new people while you are on the road.  I don’t think a happy fulltimer has to be in a place with an activity schedule as long as my arm.   To be a fulltimer do I have to play Bingo?  Horseshoes?  Meet others for golf?  Learn to crochet?  No.   I think you can be a hermit and enjoy and thrive in the fulltime/long-time lifestyle.  Doesn’t mean you have to be a hermit.  There are all manner of activities out there with lots of folks participating if that is your calling.   Plus…you can still stay in those active parks and keep to yourself.  It is all a personal choice and that is what makes it good.

Some folks love to boondock all by themselves with peace and solitude.  Hermits?  Maybe, but mostly I think they are just comfortable in their own skin and love the way they are doing it.  Yet others love to boondock in remote and beautiful areas with a group of fellow RVer’s with them.  Both ways are perfect….choose the one that is right for you. 


Do I have to be an RV tech or a mechanic to be a fulltimer?  I don’t think so and my limited abilities in that area would never keep me from RVing.  There are service centers and repair facilities out there if you find yourself in over your head with a needed repair.   It does help if you can do some trouble shooting when a problem arises and it might be something minor.  We’re lucky because Bruce is pretty good at some of the handy man stuff needed when living in an RV.  We don’t change our own oil…in anything….or do any major repair work on our own. 

My point with this post is only that I hate to see somebody think their type of RV lifestyle would not be workable just because they read otherwise.  As Jerry and Suzy told us in April when we met them….”you guys do it differently and that’s still OK”.   What Jerry was referring to is the fact that although Bruce and I are fulltimers we still return to our hometown of Tumwater, Washington a few times a year to be near our family and keep that strong connection with the “Grands”. 

And I think we fit somewhere in the middle of that hermit vs activity bunch.  We love our times of solitude when we just stick to ourselves and enjoy some sightseeing or wandering around on some backroads enjoying some beautiful, remote place.  But other times we also enjoy being in a busy RV park with some activities going on and the opportunity to meet new people that might become great friends.   We enjoy mixing it up a lot in pursuit of our own personal fulltime lifestyle. 

Don’t sit back watching others enjoy an RV life just because you may not fit the mold….the program….or the profile.  

Until next time….so long for now!


Gypsy said...

AMEN! Margie, you outdid yourself with this post. Well said!

Carol K said...

You said it perfectly, Margie. I agree 100%!

And I enjoyed your pictures of Mount Rainier.


"Bravo" & well said Margie. A totally excellent post & a must read for fellow RV'ers & bloggers for sure. Good for you to express your thoughts & feelings like that:))

Wild Blue Yonder said...

Good post, we too, are in the middle of both hermit and adventurer (aka activity bunch). That's why I think this lifestyle will work so well for us. It's all about what you want to do.

Happytrails said...

Thanks for such a good post, you are so rught. It's funny, Gerri & I have been talking about the same type of stuff the past couple of days. I think you just gotta be you and not let others tell you the way you have to live as fulltimers. I think you gotta be "comfortable in your own skin" and do your thing.
Again, thanks for the thoughts and positive approach.
Mike & Gerri

Rick and Paulette said...

Great post, Margie, like the others I agree 100% with you. It was interesting reading as I found descriptions that fit our RV'ing lifestyle perfectly and other descriptions which didn't fit us at all.

But, as you have so ably expressed, none of that really matters as long as we all enjoy our time RV'ing. To me, anyway, there are no 1st, 2nd and 3rd class RV'ers - everyone is equal when they are happy with their own particular RV'ing lifestyle!

Sue and Doug said...

amen..great post today, Margie..that is a lot to think about!!..and it is all about personal each their own!!

Phyllis said...

What a nice post today. And are not Rvers the nicest people you would ever meet?

In our years of rving, we only met one GROUCH. And boy was he ever miserable. As we watched him pull in too close to his hookups to allow him to open his slides, two nice ladies we were talking with, when over to tell him. He let them have it full blast with a stream of foul language. Oh well, slide opens, electrical post knocked to ground, CG owner there in minutes with camera.

Fortuately these istances are few. The nice people we meet are a big reason we love this lifestyle. But those few nice folks who are "hermits" have the opportunity to live as they enjoy it also.

Again, good post.

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

I truly enjoyed your post Margie, especially since we haven't left for our fulltime adventure yet and I know there will be things we both have to get used to, the pace of travel we want to set, where we want to go, how long ,all those things are things i thnik make RV'ing such a great adventure. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

Anonymous said...

Interesting post today. There are many ways to enjoy the RV lifestyle.

Jerry and Suzy said...

We'll echo everyone else's comments. It was a great post, and we appreciate your giving us a link! Now I gotta get out there and do some more blogging. This time of recovery from surgery has sapped my energy and kept us pretty close to home. Maybe I could post about that!

Judy and Emma said...

And I would add that you don't need to be a "couple" to enjoy the fulltime lifestyle. It's about the freedom to choose what you are comfortable with. :)

KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

Oh yes, you really helped to spell it all out and we agree, it would make a great article!

Karen and Steve
(Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

Oh yes, you really helped to spell it all out and we agree, it would make a great article!

Karen and Steve
(Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

Margie M. said... are spot on with your comment. I did forget to include single RVer's in my assessment of an RV lifestyle. I'm glad you brought it up so that others may know that you can be a "single" and have a fantastic time traveling the country.

I appreciate your comment!

Margie and Roger said...

Yes, it was a great post and thought-provoking for those considering a full-time lifestyle. Lots of people refer to us "being on vacation".

I agree...there are so many choices for people who want to be a full-time RV'er.