Monday, June 29, 2009

We Interrupt This Vacation For A Funeral......

Well, this was certainly unexpected! Last week we got a phone call from Cousin Helen over in Hudson, Florida (by Gulf). She was calling with the shocking news that another cousin, Ruth, had passed away suddenly.

This was sad news, indeed. However, we had gone over to Hudson in May to see my cousins, and now I am so glad that we took the time to do that. We enjoyed a nice picnic by the beach with Ruth and other family. Then the next day we had been invited to Helen's for a family dinner. Ruth was there and we celebrated her 71st birthday that night. She was so happy. Although Ruth had a multitude of health problems, still there was no indication that her end was so near.

So last Friday, Bruce and I left the kids here at Disney World and we drove over to Hudson for the funeral. There were other family members from New Jersey and South Carolina also attending. So, it was like a family reunion without the joy and happiness involved. We were gone for several hours before coming back to our "home" at Disney World.

Nobody can live forever, but we will sure miss her. God Bless You, Ruthie!

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