Wednesday, June 3, 2009

W.D.W. Epcot....Morocco

Even though we are not "camping" in Fort Wilderness yet, we can visit Walt Disney World's (W.D.W.) theme parks with our annual pass. So we went over to EPCOT center which is our favorite park of the 4 here at W.D.W.

For those that have not been to W.D.W. in Florida, here are a couple of facts. This park is centered upon attractions and entertainment dedicated to technological innovation and the culture and cuisine of 11 nations represented . EPCOT consists of over 300 acres and is divided into 2 areas -- Future World and the World Showcase.

When it was time for lunch we went into the back portion of the park, which is the World Showcase. This area is a collection of pavilions that wrap around the World Showcase Lagoon. Each pavilion represents it's own theme and there will be shops, attractions, and restaurants that represent that nation's culture. Today we settled on the nation of Morocco for our meal.

We have always enjoyed the Moroccan pavilion on each vacation trip to W.D.W. We've always enjoyed the food and the general architecture of the buildings. It has a very appealing look. We only wanted a "quick service" meal as we are not on the Disney Dining Plan yet and the food at "quick service" areas is less expensive. us cheap skates! We each got a combo meal of a Lamb Wrap sandwich with a side of lentil salad and couscous. It was fantastic! The cost was $9.95 per meal. For Disney parks....that is a bargain. After our meal we wandered around the rest of the pavilion looking at everything. This is what we saw......

This is the large plaza area before you enter the actual "country of Morocco". As I wrote, the architecture is really nice and can give you the feel of what it would be like being in one of the towns in Morocco. The tables you can see is where The Tangerine Cafe is located where we ordered our lunch.
To the left of The Tangerine Cafe is this beautiful arch which is faced with small tiles in varying shades of blue. It is the entrance area to the main restaurant and the shopping bazaar.
One of the shopping areas is done up as a Moroccan marketplace and has authentic goods for sale that were made in Morocco.

This interesting camel greets the shopper at the door of a shop selling all manner of Moroccan items including the fez (hat) that you see to the left of the photo. In another shop you can buy fabulous carpets for your home if you desire to have one. They are wonderful and the detail work on these room sized carpets in splendid.

We did not need any Moroccan clothing or brass items (which they have a lot of) to decorate our RV home. There isn't any room for large brass planters or the like anyway. We do enjoy the atmosphere of this pavilion and it is always a favorite place to revisit. Later this month we will be eating a meal at Restaurant Marrakesh.

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