Monday, June 22, 2009

A Day at Hollywood Studios.....Prime Time Cafe & more

During our day at the Disney Hollywood Studios we took the girls over to an area called "Animation Courtyard". Here they have a Playhouse Disney---Live On Stage! show. It is a great little 22 minute show featuring characters from the Playhouse Disney TV shows. The only problem for me is that you all have to sit on the floor. Not real comfortable and hard to get back up with old, creaky knees! But....Grandma's and Papa's go along, as we always try to do. Here are Mackenzie and Zoey just before the show began.When the show was over, we went outside to a "character meet & greet" area. Disney has found new ways to make it easier for the kids to have an opportunity to get an autograph and photo taken with some of their favorites. Of course, that doesn't mean you can avoid waiting in another interminable line, but what are you gonna do? Here are the girls with June (who she is, I have no clue) and the girls were very excited about seeing her.

Now this guy I know. This is Handy Manny and I have seen his tv show with Zoey many times. He is a great guy and Zoey loves him.

On our way over to the restaurant for lunch, Mackenzie wants to push the stroller.

We chose one of our favorite restaurants for lunch today. It is the 50's Prime Time Cafe. The restaurant is designed with several kitchens for the dining guests. The kitchens are all done up exactly like typical family home kitchens from....what else? the 50's. Here is the revolving sign out front to show you the way. The waiting area is decorated like typical home living rooms with all of the retro furniture included....including a contour rocker.

This is one section of the "kitchen" we ate lunch in. There are several television sets around the room that play portions of old 50's and 60's comedy shows like: I Married Joan, Dennis the Menace, The Real McCoy's, and so forth. I recognized several of the knick-knacks around the room from things that were once in my own family's home.

The wait staff here all play roles, too. They are great characters and sometimes act like your Moms by telling you to eat your vegetables and KEEP YOUR ELBOWS OFF THE TABLE. This is our waitress, Auntie Em. She was very nice. They all call you "kids" here. They'll come up to the table and say, "Hello, kids. What will you be having for lunch today?" On a previous trip to this restaurant a lady nearby did not eat her green beans. The waitress made her go stand in the corner. The lady was great and played right along with the whole gag. It was a lot of fun. The food is great too. Home cookin' here like: Chicken Pot Pie, Meat Loaf, Pot Roast and so on. The desserts are to die for also.

This is another kitchen designed room where other "kids" sat to eat their lunch.

Here is Papa with Mackenzie, coloring on the menus provided while we waited for our food. I don't think the girls really understood the whole concept of this restaurant, but we loved it.

After we finished with dessert (remember Kids...clean plates), we went over to the Little Mermaid show for the girls. I was looking forward to that one. Not only is the show cute and has AIR CONDITIONING!
Bye for now...more later!

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