Saturday, June 27, 2009

It's Italy in Walt Disney World's Epcot

In the World Showcase at Epcot, Italy has our new favorite restaurant. Other than the restaurant, this pavilion is rather dull. The architecture is wonderful and it is a beautiful place, but there is no attraction here and nothing really to interest the visitor. There are the usual expensive gift shops with imports from Italy, but nothing to really see that will enlighten you on the country itself. That is too bad because I think Italy is a fantastic, interesting country and I would love to go to the real thing. This photo below is looking at the main plaza area in the center of the pavilion. From time to time during the day some performers come out with some short program supposed to entertain you, but it hasn't been good enough to stand in the sun and watch in my opinion. Unless we plan a meal here, we usually move right along.

This photo is once again taken from the main plaza, but it is looking toward the very back of the pavilion at the entrance of the Tutto Italia Ristorante. This restaurant is WONDERFUL and we are going back for a second time on Monday evening.

This large building is at the front of the pavilion and it houses the largest gift shop. The design here is absolutely beautiful.

Disney even included a beautiful sculpture in it's "Italy" since Italy is well known for the wonderful artistic treasures one can find there.

If there were a suggestion box here, I'd suggest that they do more with what they have here. I think some changes are in order. It's been pretty much the same thing since it opened in 1971 and I think a revamp of the area is sorely needed. Beautiful place....but nothing to do.
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