Monday, June 29, 2009

Bibbity-Bobbity Boutique

My granddaughters love to dress up, so when I found out about the Bibbity-Bobbity Boutique I couldn't resist making an appointment. There are 2 boutiques -- one inside the Cinderella castle at the Magic Kingdom and one in the World of Disney store at the Downtown Disney shopping center. We couldn't get a morning appointment in the castle, so we went over to the shopping center. There are 3 packages available for your little "Princess". The first one is basic hair-do stuff, the second one is hair-do, make-up, nail and the Princess Sash. The third one is all of the previous, plus a selection of any princess gown from the store. That third option has a price tag of between $150.00 and $250.00 depending on the price of the gown you choose. I selected the middle option (Crown package). Grandma is a spoiler.....but I'm not crazy! Personally, I think those little girls we see running around the Magic Kingdom and other parks in their special gowns look hot and uncomfortable.

When we got to the boutique, a Fairy Godmother (hair stylist) came and got each girl. Here is Zoey with her personal Fairy Godmother getting her nails done.
Mackenzie had a Fairy Godmother and Godmother in training to do her nails and begin the hair styling.
Zoey begins the make-up process. So important for a princess!

Mackenzie is holding real still while the 2 Godmothers work on her make-up and hairpiece.

Mackenzie is getting the finishing touch with her princess sash being attached to her dress.
All finished and ready to show off the "do".

Each girl got to select their own hairpiece and Zoey decided to go all wild on us with this rainbow creation.

Zoey had only the one Fairy Godmother so it took a little longer for her beauty treatment. She is almost ready to get her sash attached.

Well, she is ready to go now. She really thinks she is hot stuff!

The girls are ready now. Papa paid the bill and the girls were given their own bag of beauty aids to take home with them.

Even though Grandma didn't pop for the whole shebang, the girls had a great time and they loved to show off their special hair dos when we went over to Epcot after lunch.
It was their best day!

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