Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Quick Update....

This is just a quick, short update on what is going on now. We arrived back in the Kissimmee, Florida area yesterday, June 1. We are once again staying at the Sherwood Forest Encore Resort just a few short miles to Walt Disney World.

While we'd been away in south Florida, the Orlando area had torrential rains. Not just the usual summer thunderstorms....lots and lots of rain. We even saw some sand bags by the drainage creek at the back of the RV park. Glad we missed all of that. We will only be here at this park for 7 nights. On June 8th we will drive to W.D.W. and check into Fort Wilderness Campground.

Yesterday after we arrived was errand day. We had to go to Target to get a couple of items and we went and had 4 new tires installed on our car. The old ones had 63,000 miles on them and were getting bad. Then we also got hair cuts over at the Great Clips in that area.

Today was my monthly weigh-in with Weight Watcher's. I've been a Lifetime Member for over 5 years and I want to keep my 50 lbs of weight loss....OFF. So, even when we travel away from our home base, I keep checking in with Weight Watcher's once a month. By doing that I also save $13.00 for not missing a monthly visit.

After the stop at Weight Watcher's we went over to WDW and went into the Epcot theme park. Enjoyed the time there even though it was very hot. We went on the Soarin' ride in The Land and the Mission Space ride. We just walked around enjoying the beautiful landscaping and doing a bit of people watching as well. Before we left to come back home we went into the Universe of Energy ride. It was really cool in there and the break from the heat was good.

All totaled, we will be having 31 days here at Walt Disney World. I think that will do it!

Come back soon for more on our vacation time in the Happiest Place on Earth.

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