Monday, June 8, 2009

EPCOT...Test Track, What a Ride!

In the Future World part of Epcot at Walt Disney World, you can find this thrill ride called Test Track. It is sponsored by in light of their recent bankruptcy, will that continue? :) Of course it will. Anyhoo.....Bruce and I took a ride here at Test Track.

Disney categorizes this attraction as a Big Thrill ride. I'd have to agree with that assessment. It is pretty thrilling. At the time we got here there was no line to speak of. We grabbed a "fast pass" for a second ride and got in line then for our first ride. This photo shows the outside of the pavilion. I took this photo after our second ride and you can see that the crowd was growing.

After you enter the building, you follow a winding path that takes you past a supposed auto testing facility. They have all sorts of things on display to keep you occupied in case the line is long and you have to wait. The wait time can be 45 to 50 minutes during mid-day. Eventually you enter the ride loading area. This photo shows you the type of car that you ride in. It will hold up to 6 passengers.
After you leave the loading area you begin the ride itself. You and your car go through the road handling test (complete with hair pin turns), a brake test area, the heat/cold chamber, corrosion chamber, hill climb test and finally the crash test. This photo was taken through our cars windshield just as we were about to do the crash test. They make you seem like you'll crash head-on into the barrier before you, in reality you hit that barrier and it opens up like a big door and suddenly you are outdoors on the speed track.

I took this photo just after we crashed through the barrier and we are now out on the speed test track. This is where you'll be glad that you are wearing your seat belt. The car goes very fast on an elevated track around the outside of the building. You will reach speeds in excess of 65 mph as you can see by the big speedometer screen they flash at you. It is totally fun!
As much fun as Bruce and I had....I must say we had even more fun in 2003 when we brought my dad and Bruce's mom here to Disney World. We brought them both on a 7 day vacation here that year. We drove in our motorhome from Washington. We all enjoyed the drive together each day and then at night we'd come to a nice motel and get each of them their own room inside and Bruce and I would dry camp in the motel parking lot.
Once we got to W.D.W. we all had lots of fun. We took them both on this Test Track ride. My Dad was about 80 and Betty was 74. I wasn't sure how they'd like this speed ride but we put them on it anyway. When the ride was finished my Dad's eyes were big and he said, "Boy, that sure was fun". I guess that answered our question on how he would like it.

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