Thursday, June 11, 2009

It's Canada in Epcot, eh?

The pavilion for Canada at Walt Disney World's Epcot is where we enjoyed our late lunch today. Before going in for our lunch, we walked through their pavilion and took some photos. They pay homage to their roots with some displays of totem poles and carvings by their native people. They've created a beautiful setting with large trees, a stone bridge and a small pond. We ate our lunch at 2:00 today as it was the only
reservation at LeCellier we could get. It is basically a steakhouse, but there are entrees of salmon, chicken, and a vegetarian meal. We opted for the New York Strip Steak and it was fabulous. I don't know why the sudden interest in this restaurant here in Epcot, although the food and service are very, very good, because on previous trips it never seemed to be busy at all. Used to be you could almost just walk up and get a table. Now if you don't have a reservation 3 months in advance....fuhgeddaboutit.

As a backdrop to the entire pavilion is this large
building which reminded us of some of the buildings
we saw in Old Quebec in 2007.

Outside the restaurant is this beautiful setting
that would remind the visitor of some of the
beautifully landscaped gardens that can be
found in Canada.

This is another view of the totem poles and
the main building.

Have you ever heard a rock group perform
with bagpipes? And wearing kilts? You can
see them several times daily right outside
the Canadian pavilion. They are "Off Kilter" and they are a riot. We first saw them here in Epcot in 2003 and found their music to be wonderful. We bought one of their CD's and listen to it often.

Canada is one of 2 pavilions with a film done
with CircleVision filming. The theater is round and the large screen circles the room. It is a 14 minute presentation (guests standing) showing
many wonderful and beautiful areas in Canada.
Martin Short, the comedian, hosts the film and
it is done well. We've already seen the film
twice on this trip and we'll see it again when
our kids arrive.
I'm inspired to go to the real Canada again!

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