Friday, June 26, 2009

Playing Miniature Golf at WDW

A few nights ago, we decided to once again brave the horrendous humidity to go play miniature golf. Our family has always loved to play miniature golf. We come from southern California originally and they have some of the best miniature golf courses anywhere. Now that we live in Washington in a rainy climate, there aren't as many miniature golf courses to be found...well, almost none to be exact.

Our granddaughter's are beginning to learn to play the game now also. We've taken them a couple of times when we've been out camping with them, but those are the crummy putt-putt type courses where nothing is smooth or level. This course here at Walt Disney World is fantastic and very well kept. We played the Fantasia course over near the Boardwalk Resort.

Hear are Zoey and Mackenzie. In spite of sweltering humidity, they are looking pretty good.

Our son-in-law, Darin, plays real golf but he enjoys the miniature version as well. Mackenzie had lined up her putt but wasn't totally happy with the result. She is only 7 and still pouts when things don't go perfectly.
Papa is back behind her now and giving her some pointers. He allowed Mackenzie a "do over" which he does often. Zoey is just looking on waiting for her turn.

Here on another hole Mackenzie (with her Minnie Mouse ears), has better luck with the tee off. Zoey is still waiting for her turn. When she gets her turn, she usually goes all over the place. She is only 4 years old. She is just happy to be out playing with everyone else. Lots of "sixes" for her score card!

Here are the girls again. We've finished the game. On the last hole the ball gets hit into a special hole that goes down into a catch basin and you cannot get it back. Zoey just didn't want to let her ball go into that hole! She was really loving that bright pink golf ball and didn't want to part with it. We finally convinced her that it belonged to the golf course and it went into the hole. She cried about it anyway. Oh well! Life can be tough when you are learning all the rules. The tears didn't last too long when she realized we weren't paying any attention to them.

OK, bye for now........

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