Saturday, June 6, 2009

Walt Disney World EPCOT......United Kingdom

We are having a great time just wandering around Epcot at a slow pace. We know that when our family arrives on June 16th the faster pace will begin. So, for the time being we are just taking our time looking things over.

We went here to the United Kingdom pavilion in the World Showcase area at Epcot. It is a wonderful place and I can't help but think of Christopher Robin of the Winnie the Pooh story or of Paddington Bear when I walk through the quaint streets of this "United Kingdom".

This is the small flower garden in part of the United Kingdom. No matter the time of year, there will be something colorful for the guest to appreciate. During this time of year there were a variety of beautiful flowers. At certain times of the day Mary Poppins will appear from one of these little cottages and come out to greet the guests and have photographs taken. This is one of the more formal buildings you will come to as you make your way along the wide walkway from "Canada" to the "United Kingdom". There is a bit of a formal garden design to the right of this photo. As you will remember, the United Kingdom is well known for formal garden design.

This is the main shopping street here in the U.K. Each of these shops sell goods imported from England and the other countries of the U.K. You can find toys, games and children's books, clothing including golf attire, fine china, perfume, figurines and much more.

As in all the pavilions, throughout the day street performers will come out to entertain the guests as they walk about. Disney does it's best to keep you amused and happy.

This little shop is the Twinings Tea Shoppe. It's design mimics the thatch roof cottages from jolly old England. Inside, the shopper will find a wide variety of wonderful teas plus some coffee. There are also a lot of imported English candies and cookies to tempt you.

This is the Rose and Crown Pub and Dining Room. You can find ale and beer for sale along with fish & chips, steaks, and a lot more. There is also a walk-up cafe called Yorkshire County Fish Shop. We settled on some fish & chips from this walk-up cafe and then took our tray over to the outdoor seating area and enjoyed the view of the World Showcase Lagoon. The food was delicious, hot & crispy!

Although the United Kingdom does not have a formal ride or attraction for the guest, it provides some entertainment courtesy of "The British Invasion" for your enjoyment. There is a small stage and seating area around the corner from the main shopping street and performances occur around 6 times daily. It is great fun to watch and listen to the group.....especially if you are needing a break from the heat and need a place to rest for a while.

Until next time....Bye for now!

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