Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Washington State Does Have It's Share of Characters

We've called Washington state home for 15 years now. We really enjoy the life here, as long as we can get away for several months each year as fulltime RVer's in our motorhome. We have learned since arriving in 1994, that the Pacific Northwest, Washington in particular, has a lot of characters living here.

This all makes life here very interesting. Not that California, our native land, didn't have it's share of nuts or weirdos. Don't get me started on that! For instance, downtown Olympia has a lot of interesting folks there. You will see teens or young adults dressed totally in black with blue spiked hair, body piercings, and tattoos galore. Their clothing choices are most interesting....at least from my middle-aged standards. Our son brought some of these tattooed and pierced people home with him from time to time when he still lived with us. They were part of his poker club. They were nice kids and it was good to have them there. Dennis is past that phase now...not the poker, just the interesting people part.

Protesters in and around Olympia will gather at the drop of a hat to make their statements about some issue or other known to all who pass by. At one time we had a contingent of ladies dressed in black garb from head to toe standing on the corner at Percival Landing with signs. They were protesting the war by standing there all in black, never speaking a word or moving a muscle. I don't think it really made much of an impact on ending the war, but they were doing it anyway. Olympia is also home to The Evergreen State College with a student body that is anti everything. Our daughter, Stephanie, graduated from Evergreen in 2000 and she did it without protesting anything or tipping over a police car and setting it on fire either! She is way too normal for that school, but she did get her degree in Human Resource Management and has a very good job now.

Western Washington is especially liberal in it's politics. So, I thought it would be fun to show you 2 photos (below) that I took down south of us in Lewis County. This man's property runs along side of Interstate 5 at exit #72. He appears to be a right-wing conservative and his signs just bug the heck out of some of the citizens around here. During the Clinton administration he had a great time putting up his own version of a protest. During the Bush years his signs weren't near as much fun to read but he kept up the job. Now, during the Obama administration he must be in his glory again with fresh material.

This is the guy's stand on immigration.

Just thought I'd share a little slice of life from this south Puget Sound area with you. Never a dull moment.
Until next time......so long for now!


Gailwalk said...

A lone voice crying out in the wilderness. Good for him. "Where's the birth certificate?" probably refers to the flack over Obama's origins. That question has been largely cleared up but I'm sure there are those who doubt his natural citizenship.

Rick and Paulette said...

Interesting blog, Margie, enjoyed reading it. The sign guy looks like a bit of a wingnut to me. I'm just surprised he put God ahead of Guns on his sign! His signs say all one needs to know about him, that's for sure.

Jerry and Suzy said...

Nice thing about this country -- you make an ass of yourself and be as wrong as heck, but you have a right to display for all to see -- as long as you keep most of your clothes on!