Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mc Donald's - Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Today is Wednesday so that means it is "Muffin Wednesday". We also have "Muffin Monday" and "Muffin Friday" every week. Our needs are few and they are simple. We enjoy going out to the Tumwater McDonald's every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to have English Muffins and coffee for breakfast. Wherever we are living in our motorhome we find a McDonald's for this routine. Here in Tumwater, though, this McDonald's is like our Cheers...."where everybody knows your name". The routine never varies. We pick up a copy of the USA Today newspaper when we are on our early morning walk and then we take it along with us to Mickey D's. We order the usual....3 English muffins (which we split), 2 senior coffees and honey to put on the muffins. I take along our own light margarine so we don't use the higher calorie stuff they have there. Here I am enjoying my morning paper.
Bruce thought it was "too goofy" to take pictures inside McD's so he was a party pooper. I got a picture of him anyway.
McDonald's all over the country seem to have their usual 'breakfast club' of seniors and here in Tumwater this is no exception. They usually sit to the right of Bruce and there are about 8 to 10 of them every morning. We've gotten to know some of them and one couple, in particular, goes to our church in Tumwater. They are Floyd and Shirley Ann and they are such nice people. Floyd had a bumper crop of tomatoes this year, so he brought in some to share with everyone. These are the ones that he sent home with us. They look delicious and we will enjoy them.

We really aren't into going out to full service restaurants much anymore. That is why we hang out at McDonald's from time to time. Small portions and cheap prices. We make sure to stay away from the burgers and fries, though. Those suckers can kill ya. The fries sure do taste good, though, and from time to time we yield to their temptation.
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Rick and Paulette said...

Hey, I'm with you on Mickey D's! It gets a bad rap from some folks, but the breakfasts, muffins and coffee are hard to beat. And, it's affordable!

Jerry and Suzy said...

Here in Benson, AZ,we will go to Jack in the Box if we are heading out early on a journey. We get their Ultimate Breakfast: an egg sandwich with a thin shred of ham, some cheese, then drink OJ instead of coffee, and we often just toss out the potato patty. We used to ask for the package without the potatoes, but the robots behind the counters couldn't understand we were willing to pay for the whole package, just leave out part of the package.