Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Update on Annie the Schnauzer

Last Friday we took our little Annie back to her doctor for a recheck. She was reluctant to enter the veterinary center as she probably thought she was going to have to stay again. We coaxed her through the door.

Dr. Mitchell spent a lot of time listening to her heart and her belly with his stethoscope. He said her belly sounds were good. Her heart rate was also much lower than when she first became so ill. I guess her heart rate was so high the last time it was about to pound right out of her little chest. The results of her blood test was good, too. Dr. Mitchell said she didn't need to take the Lasix anymore. She needs to continue with her other 2 drugs, probably for the remainder of her life.

I explained to Dr. Mitchell that Annie still didn't want to take long walks and her appetite was off. We keep her food out like cat owners do with their pets. Instead of Annie gobbling her food up in 60 seconds like she used to, she now takes about 6 hours or more to eat. We pretty much let Annie just do what she wants, when she wants to do it. Dr. Mitchell was fairly pleased with her progress and we take her back for another blood test in 4 weeks.

Then yesterday poor little Annie was really off her game again. She didn't have any fainting spells or seizures, but she just didn't want to get up off the couch.
I told her I wanted to take her picture for the blog and she did lift her head up for a moment. She put it right back down again quickly.
This is pretty much how she behaved all day until around mid-afternoon. She finally began some actual movement and then ate her breakfast that was still waiting for her.

This morning she is more like her normal self again. She even ate her breakfast about an hour after I put it into her bowl. She is snoozing on her little floor pillow now. I am detecting some quiet snoring going on down there, so maybe she is having a great dream about chasing a squirrel or something fun like that. Hope so!
Until next time.....so long for now!


NWlambear said...

Oh...how I feel for you! It's very hard to go through something like what you are experiencing with little Annie! I remember how it was with our little "Chewie". For now...just share those loving moments with her.....as with all of us...(and we know it in our hearts)..there will be a time when we will part. Cherish the moments! Love, Tricia


Max, Checkers, & little Cora send their best wishes to Annie & hope she's feeling her old self soon....:))

Rick and Paulette said...

Glad to hear Annie is feeling a bit better today. Sure hope she continues to improve!

Margie M. said...

Annie says "thank you" to everyone for their get well wishes. She is doing good today, except for the appetite part. She'll write again some day.

Woof Woof (thank you)