Monday, September 14, 2009

New Leveling Boards

Here at the Allimor RV/Mobile Home Park we have one of the newly constructed sites for RV's. While we were away this past summer, the owner refurbished about 10 spaces. They have a thick bed of large gravel (small rocks?) as a foundation. They are so new that I don't think anybody had even parked in our space yet when we moved in.

The fresh gravel had been laid down and we think that it hasn't had a chance to pack down hard enough yet to resist some setting with a heavy RV sitting on it. It seemed like the first 2 weeks we were here we needed to "jack up" the passenger side a couple of times. We had been using those Lego looking things you buy at places like Camping World. They are good in many situations, but they weren't cutting it here. Being plastic, they get squished down and go sway-back with these heavy RV's sitting on them.

Bruce decided to fix up a couple of wooden jack pads of his own. We went over to Home Depot and bought an 8 ft. long plank that was 2" x 12". We had the man at the Depot cut it into 4 equal parts for us. (each 2 foot long) Bruce then set to work with the drill and some wood screws that were 3 1/2" in length. He placed 2 boards on top of each other and then, using the wood screws, secured them. He turned it over and put screws through on the other side as well. Then he attached a cord to one end to act as a handle.

I got his picture as he was putting his tools away in the "tool bin".
Then he raised the jacks enough to slip the new leveling boards underneath. We got the jacks back down and they seem to be doing a good job of keeping us on an even keel. We had resisted doing this just because of the added weight to carry them when driving, but we found the need for them growing. Sometimes you just have to do it.
Given enough time, the rocky-gravel here will settle as more and more RV's drive in and out and pack it down. In the meantime, since we will be here a while this seemed like a good plan.
Until next long for now!


Rick and Paulette said...

Good job with the boards! That's what we carry and use for leveling our 5'er when required. We have 3 6' long boards, each a different thickness, to put under the set of wheels on the side that needs to be raised. Funny, we've also got those orange lego blocks but haven't used them yet.


Well, you have inspired me to do the same thing. Had been carrying some old board thingys but now that I see some sizes,dimensions, measurments, instructions & a finished product, I think I just might be able to handle a project like that all by my little self. Thanks guys......AL:))

Jerry and Suzy said...

We're still using the Legos with good results (usually). If I need boards like those, I guess I should be handy enough to put 'em together!

Margie M. said...

Hi Jerry... We haven't tossed out our Legos. They are very handy in most cases and store easily, too. Thanks for looking in and leaving your comment, it is appreciated!

Have a great day,