Monday, September 7, 2009

A Rainy Monday with Sunbreaks

Dawn arrived this morning, but you would never have known it for a while. We had a lot of cloud cover and rain right along with it. The alarm sounded and I shut it off while hearing the rain fall on the motorhome roof. Bruce asked if we were going to get up and walk in the rain, and I said "no way". We pulled the covers back over our heads and snoozed for another 30 minutes or so. We usually set our alarm for 6:30 and get right up for our 3.8 mile walk, which takes us about 55 to 60 minutes. Since moving into the motorhome though, we have no good place to hang wet rain gear so we've given up walking in a downpour. When we had our "normal house" we had a garage to hang our wet and drippy rain gear in until it dried. Now, we either wait until the weather clears up or we drive over to the Capital Mall in Olympia and walk indoors for an hour.

We drove over to the Tumwater McDonald's (our favorite hangout) for "muffin Monday" and coffee. It was a holiday and no issue of the USA Today available so we took our books to read while we ate our breakfast.

After coming back from breakfast, I made a post on my new blog and then we just hunkered down inside and watched some more of the rain through the window. We began to see some sunbreaks appear and figured we'd take our walk after we ate lunch.

After eating lunch, we got our walking shoes on and grabbed our umbrellas. This is how the sky looked at that time. say the least.

About 1/2 way through our walk the rain began, but it was a light sprinkle that was easily taken care of with our umbrellas. This was typical western Washington weather. We made it back home before the rain got too heavy. Within 20 minutes of getting back to the motorhome we once again enjoyed some sunbreaks. Bruce killed some time doing his bank statement on the computer while I finished reading my book from the library. I was reading Fearless Fourteen by Janet Evanovich. I love her books about bounty hunter, Stephanie Plum. They are laugh out loud funny.

Tomorrow morning Bruce gets to go to the dentist for the first phase of his dental work. Lucky him. Annie and I will stay at home.

My new blog will journal my efforts to lose some weight and maintain that weight for....well, forever I hope. Check it out if you feel the urge.

Until next long for now!

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K and D in an RV said...

Hey Margie - we used some plastic 3M? hooks - they attach by stick up - on the inside of our shower. If we have wet jackets, we can hang them there to drip and dry. If the RV furnace comes on, the floor register in the bathroom is the warmest, and that speeds up the drying as well. I think Washington and BC needed that rain!