Sunday, September 6, 2009

Finished Room by the Three Stooge's Painting Company

It turned out to be the Three Stooge's doing the painting work in Zoey's bedroom after all. The kid's plans were changed and Darin joined Bruce and I as part of the painting team. When we got to their house Saturday morning, Stephanie had already taped off all the woodwork and Darin had laid out fresh tarps and taped them to the carpet so they wouldn't shift as we walked on them. We learned the hard way to do that when we had painted Mackenzie's room.

Bruce began by removing the wooden blinds from the 2 bedroom windows while I got the 2 paint trays ready. Bruce was selected to be the ladder guy once again. Since he is smaller and shorter than Darin it makes sense. Bruce paints the top half of the wall and cuts in at the ceiling with a small brush while Darin paints from the middle of the wall down to the baseboard. I use the small brushes and go around all the trim work and cut in as close as I can.
Here's Darin doing his part on the other side of the room from Bruce. Things went very well this time and there were no paint spilling mishaps. I kept the bucket of soapy water handy but we only used it once and that was on a very tiny little drip.
I stepped out into the connecting bonus room and snapped this photo of all the furniture and stuff they stored there while the bedroom was being painted. Sheesh! What a lot of stuff.
After we finished the first coat, we ate lunch. By that time it was dry and we began a second coat. Stephanie bought paint from Home Depot and it had the primer and paint combined. It worked very well. Here is the finished room with Zoey's bed still sitting in the middle of the floor. It has to dry for a couple of hours before we do anything else.
This morning (Sunday) we went over to check out the new bedroom. Stephanie had placed the furniture back in it's proper place and everything was done. Here are Mackenzie and Zoey sitting on the freshly made bed. When they had first moved in 1 1/2 years ago Zoey wanted her room painted yellow. Grandma and Papa bought her a bed comforter and sheets but we never got the walls painted. By the time we all got around to having time to paint the bedroom, Zoey had changed her mind and wanted lavender. Fortunately, there are little lavender flowers stitched all over the comforter and it still goes nicely in the room.
Another view of part of the bedroom...minus people.

Grandma and Zoey have a little hug for the camera. Zoey is happy with her new room, so the rest of us are happy. Mackenzie is happy with her new blue bedroom, so the rest of us are happy with that, too.

Grandma and Papa are happy that these 2 projects are finished. We are now retiring from the Three Stooge's Painting Company. Of course we are not retiring from everything.....we have signed on to go over and stay with the girls for 3 days while Stephanie and Darin take a little trip to Las Vegas. That begins in a couple of weeks. I'm not sure that Papa and I are up to the task of the girl's schedules, but we will do our best.
Until next long for now!

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Jerry and Suzy said...

A lovely soft lavender for a lovely little Zoey! You three did a good job. Thanks for sharing your grandparenting with the rest of us, including the two of us who are soon (November) to become great grandparents!