Friday, September 4, 2009

Two Stooge's Painting Company on Saturday

Tomorrow morning (Saturday) Bruce and I are going over to our kid's house to tackle the second, and hopefully last, painting project. We will be painting Zoey's bedroom this time. It will only be the 2 of us as Darin, Stephanie, and the girls are going up to his Mom's house for lunch. So us 2 Stooge's, Moe and Larry, will hopefully be able to get the job finished.

Zoey wants her bedroom painted lavender. Darin was off from work today, so he painted the ceiling white and we will not have to do that. The paint has been purchased and new drop cloths are at the ready. From past experience, I think we will need those.

I am hoping I'll remember to take our camera along this time and shoot a couple of "before" and "after" pictures. And I'm already thinking about that bucket of soapy water. Could be interesting.

Until next long for now!


squawmama said...

Hey Margie, Sounds like you guys will have your hands full painting Zoey's bedroom... Good luck and try to keep it on the walls... LOL

Have Fun & Travel Safe

Jerry and Suzy said...

DO show us pictures! And if Bruce ends up in lavender, show us that too!

Have fun! Won't Zoey be pleased!!!

Anonymous said...

Painting the color lavender sounds like it will be pretty. You're really sweet parents to help your kids out like that. Show pic of the finished project.

Happy Trails,

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