Thursday, September 24, 2009

Rise and Shine

This day began at 5:30 for us. This will be our last morning on duty with the "Grands". Mommy and Daddy fly back from Las Vegas this afternoon. Good thing, as I'm tired.

Getting ourselves up earlier than the girls gives us the opportunity to shower and dress before the ordeal of getting 2 little girls out of bed and ready for their day. Neither Mackenzie nor Zoey are thrilled about getting out of bed early. We need to get them moving by 6:30 so we can be out the door by 7:35.

As you can see here, Mackenzie has a serious case of bed head! Man, that is one scary look. Zoey preferred to stick her head under the pillow in hopes that we couldn't see her, I guess. Didn't work out very well.....we saw her anyway.
I tackled the harder project...Mackenzie. Bruce got Zoey up finally and managed to let her pick out her own clothes for the day. Getting those sneakers onto Zoey's feet was sure holding Annie's interest.
Mackenzie is not an easy person in the mornings. That's why Bruce always sticks me with her. OK, I'm up to the task. I got her up finally and she picked out her outfit for the day. Then it was time to get that hair fixed. Mackenzie is not wanting any of that "little girl" stuff going on with her coiffure. She prefers the scattered, wild look. Not going to happen on my watch! I made her brush her hair through to unsnarl the tangles and she pushed it back with a nice headband.
Zoey came into the bathroom and I got a couple of pony tails going with her. They both washed their faces and we were ready to go downstairs for breakfast.
Zoey opted for microwave pancakes and some red grapes. Mackenzie preferred 1/2 bagel with cream cheese and the grapes. After eating, we got them both to brush those teeth and we were ready to go out the door.
I think we set a new record and were out the door by 7:30. We drove them off to the daycare center where the public school bus will come to get Mackenzie for 3rd grade. Papa and Grandma will go back to the house and collapse. I'm too old for this!
Until next long for now!

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Jerry and Suzy said...

Golly, you should get a medal for all of this, or at least a commendation certificate!

Suzy says she never would have made her kitchen a short order house in the morning. What one person ate, everybody ate.

However, if that's what works for you guys, have at it, and enjoy those grands.