Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Killing Time at Camping World, So......

We're here at the Camping World store in Fife, WA getting the new satellite dish installed. I'll post details on that tomorrow. But while we are killing time for probably 6 to 7 hours, I don't have much going on. So, I'll ramble for a bit.

I read an article in the newspaper this morning about "Fashion Week" in New York City. It stated that "with the economic recovery in process, people are starting to embrace fashion and have fun again." I want my readers to know that I feel so relieved about that! Don't you all? I've been getting tired of seeing folks running around in last year's styles.

The article told of some of the celebrities attending the runway shows and what they had to say about high fashion. Good to know these things, just in case I'm ever in the market for high fashion. For me "High Fashion" was when I purchased a T-shirt in Estes Park, CO a few years ago. (high elevation in that mountain town)

I'm mainly a jeans and T-shirt gal and purchase a lot of my clothes from L.L. Bean catalog or at any WalMart I happen to be living by at the moment. I am soooooooo low-maintenance. Bruce should feel lucky about that but I don't think it has sunk in yet, even after 40 years of wedded bliss.

I don't get manicures, although I have on a few occasions many years ago. I've never gotten a pedicure in my life. Personally, I don't want people playing with my toes. I had bunion surgery in 2004 and that is as close to a "footsie thing" I want to get. I quit dying my hair in 1992 and just let it go the snow-white color it naturally is, even though I was only 41 years old at the time. We were traveling around on long RV vacations at the time and I didn't want a bunch of different people putting chemicals on my head!

I also don't go in for a lot of expensive jewelry. However, I did take a diamond necklace my mother-in-law left to me and had it redone as a ring. Looks better. No more diamond purchases for me now. I don't buy a lot of shoes and clothes either. Living in a motorhome helps with that since closet space is limited, but I was never much of a clothes horse anyway. I don't go in for expensive make-up. A little bit on me goes a long way, but sometimes I still think I might scare small children without it. Oh well.

Actually, I'd much rather take the money I don't spend on that stuff and put it into filling the fuel tank in the motorhome and traveling to someplace fun. It's a better way to go!
Until next long for now!



Hey, I'm on your side Margie. No fancy stuff for us guys either. Only have 2 thoughts about fashion. Hi Fashion - Bye Fashion!!

NWlambear said...

Enjoyed your post Margie! And...I'm with you regarding "fashion", makeup, manicure, etc. When I retired I gave away/donated all my work clothes (dresses and suits), heels, etc. My fashion since then has been primarily jeans, fleece tops or tank tops depending on the weather. I do have a couple of dresses, skirts and tops for special events...oh yes and one of my old suits (a black one) and a pair of black heels)...which I haven't had to use since I retired in 2003. Guess if I ever have to go to court...or a funeral it will serve me and won't take much space in the RV.

Jerry and Suzy said...

Are all us RVers low maintenance? Sounds like it. We have to admit, Jerry still has his tuxedo (he's a 4th degree Knight of Columbus, so that's his burial suit if nothing else) and Suzy has a couple of things in hanging bags in the casita.

Neither of us wears much makeup or jewelry, although Suzy has scads of beautiful beaded earrings, bracelets, etc., made by our daughters (they have a business entitled "Decorating Us").

Really enjoyed your low-key sense of humor in the post!

K and D in an RV said...

Ah Margie - that post sounds exactly like what I would have said! I am still (uck) at work and have business dress clothes, but I can't wait to be rid of them! I am the same wya with mani/pedicures - and yet at the office most ( younger staff )get it done - then they wonder why they can't save any money! LOL Kim G