Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Life Is Messy....So Clean It Up!

Yesterday morning after breakfast was carpet cleaning day. Dirt just happens! We have a little Bissell carpet cleaning machine and we keep it in the basement storage. It does a so-so job, as it is a small machine, but is better than nothing.
The first step was clearing away all of our stuff and furniture from the carpeted areas. Since we had the new vinyl flooring installed down the center of the coach, we could put the Euro chair there. The dining table we stuck up front in the kitchen.
Bruce started back in the bedroom area and worked his way forward, cleaning as he went. Annie was very interested and didn't run and hide someplace from the noise of the carpet cleaner. Back and forth he pushed the machine trying to do a thorough job of it. You wonder at the thinking of the Winnebago folks in putting carpet the color of oatmeal inside an RV. I guess more to the point....you wonder at the morons who would buy such an RV with that carpet. Oh yeah! That was us morons! It was a nice sunny and very warm day in Tumwater, so when Bruce finished we left all the windows open to allow it to dry. We popped Annie into the car and left for several hours.

Today was the beginning of our 4-day babysitting gig with "the Grands". It was easy to just leave the motorhome with the wet carpet and go over to our temporary quarters. Bruce went back later to check it out. It was all dry and he reported it to be "as good as could be expected". Guess that is all we can hope for when we are living with oatmeal.

Until next time.....so long for now!



We have oatmeal carpeting too. Must have had a big surplus of the stuff at the Quaker factory years ago. It's even in our bathroom....now how dumb is that!!!!

Rick and Paulette said...

Guess we lucked out - we have dark green carpeting in our 5'er. Hides the dirt real well - lol!

Jerry and Suzy said...

Yup, our Winnebago-made Itasca came with oatmeal carpeting too. After it got filthy, we had the living room and kitchen done over in linoleum. Only trouble with that was when the slide-out slid in and tore a huge hole in the linoleum, because the goofballs who installed it did a lousy job. They paid to have it patched, but Suzy was in tears when she first saw the damage. And the patch is still a patch!