Wednesday, April 14, 2010

We're Not Most People

We know the situation.....most people would rather have root canal surgery than go to Walt Disney World in Florida or Disneyland in California.  Well, we aren't "most people" and we have always enjoyed going to either place.  Bruce and I grew up in a city not far from Disneyland in Anaheim.  We remember going there as young children and then we took our own children there as they were growing up.  We are confirmed Disney fans, and will never grow out of that.  I make no apologies for our enjoyment of it.  I don't really need to.

We have been to WDW eleven times over the years.  We may come back again someday, but we have no plans for that at this time.  We brought our daughter and s-i-l with the "Grands" here for a vacation last June and now our son and his girlfriend are flying in from Washington on Saturday for their turn.  We have made arrangements for them to stay at Disney's Wilderness Lodge while we will enjoy the comfort of our motorhome at the Fort Wilderness Campground.  We will be there for 2 weeks.

Yesterday we took an early trip over to the Magic Kingdom park at WDW.  We just went for a few hours, went on a few favorites rides and ate lunch at Pecos Bill Tall Tale Cafe.  Then we went over to Main Street before making our exit.  (as always, click on a photo for a larger view)

Main Street, U.S.A. is Disney's answer to a turn-of-the-19th-century small town street.  It is always perfectly maintained.  You will never see any peeling or chipped paint.  Everything is fresh and clean.

The buildings along Main Street are real buildings that house small restaurants, gift shops, candy and ice cream stores, and the bakery.  Every detail is authentic to it's time period on Main Street.  The cast members (employees) wear period costumes in keeping with the theme.

The colorful Main Street buildings and town square by the train station are the first things you see when you enter the park.  It makes a good first impression.

They have vendors that sell balloons and I think this lady was almost swallowed up by them.  There is almost always some kind of musical entertainment along Main Street, like this marching band.

This is the Main Street Bakery, which is Bruce's favorite place to visit.

Anyway, that is just a sampling of WDW's Main Street.  We like it.   We begin our stay on property at WDW Thursday the 15th.

Until next long for now!   


Happytrails said...

I so agree with you!! There is NOTHING like WDW and if I ever get too old to smile and laugh out loud when I visit there then its time to plant me in the ground. It is indeed a "magic kingdom."

Have fun and remember to laugh out loud and smile broadly at every turn.

Mike & Gerri (

In The Wind Adventures of William and Mary Ann said...

Wow Margie! Somebody's been busy playing around changing background colors while I've been away from "Blog World". I like it!...and I love your pictures of Disney World!

It looks like a place that I would enjoy visiting and taking tons of pictures. Main Street looks just plain charming. Thank you for sharing. That's a big part of the fun of these blogs...we all are interested in different things, and even though, someone may post about some place or event that others wouldn't care for, I think that we all enjoy reading about it and viewing the photos anyway.

A good example is the extreme differences in RV camping between Al and Rick, yet they seem to be good friends, and we all enjoy reading both of their blogs.

I'll get back on track here again as soon as I can, little by little. My Mother had serious surgery Monday and as soon as the hospital sends her home, I will stay with her for a while to take care of her until she's back on her feet again. Thanks for the "smiles" Margie. I always enjoy reading both of your blogs.
- Mary Ann :-)


I was at WDW back in 77 & loved every minute I was there & wouldn't hesitate to go again. If it wasn't for the masses of people I wouldn't even mind living there. Maybe in Frontierland somewhere or maybe in the magic castle itself. Cursmudgeon's can be kids too:))))))

sue and doug said...

the happiest place on apolgies necessary..I could do with WDW right about now!!..thanks for sharing your day!!

Cindy said... name is Cindy..and I am a Disney person also!!!lol

If we had the money..we would go all the time!

Thank you for sharing pictures. Did the bakery not have a 2pnd doughnut? lol

We love all the rides in Frontier land!

Have fun tomorrow.

Cindy and Walker

Carol K said...

Loved the Magic Kingdom pictures. We've been to WDW twice, once staying at Port Orleans and the other time staying outside the park. We would like to go again and stay in our motorhome at Fort Wilderness. Be sure to post pictures of your site!

Rick and Paulette said...

Thanks for the tour of Disney World. I'm with you - it's a great place to visit and I can't think of ever going to Orlando without visiting WDW. That bakery looks very familiar, I think it might be the same one we ate at during our visit in the early 90's. I do remember the cinnamon buns were terrific!!

MargieAnne said...

We had so many things on our main agenda that we decided to skip Disney Land. You are doing a good job of letting us know what we missed. Next Time.

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Margie, thanks for bringing back pleasant memories of our last trip to DW, Do they still have the Electric Light Parade, that was really a show stopper on main street. My youngest son couldn't get over all the lit up marchers. Be Safe out there, Sam & Donna.

Margie M. said...

Sam and Donna...sorry, but the Main Street Electric Parade is now gone. They change things up from time to time, but I think that parade was the best!

Enjoy your day.

Phyllis said...

I know someone else who is REALLY addicated to WDW. A man I used to work with has been there from NJ at least 26 times. His wife REFUSES to vacation anywhere else. She says she knows she likes WDW and worries about taking a chance of going someplace she MIGHT not like. Okay - different strokes for different folks.

B&S said...

I started following your weight watchers blog and then saw that you are fulltiming. I'm a WW member and DH and I have been camping for 20 years. We love Disneyworld too. We have only been twice - both times with our daughters, but definitely plan to go back. I don't understand some people's hatred for WDW. It's the happiest place on earth!! Have a wonderful time- we love the WDW campground.

Gail Durham said...

I always love Disneyworld!

JB said...

Disneyland is one of my favourite spots and a couple of years ago we made it to WDW and found it just as enjoyable. Not surprising I guess, it is an exact duplicate.