Thursday, April 22, 2010

Viva la France !!!

Hello, and Welcome to another new Follower.   THANK YOU very much Linda Johnston for joining my group and for giving my blog your attention.  I appreciate it.

We are going over to Epcot for dinner tonight.  They have the best restaurants if you like ethnic foods or foods from other countries.  We will eat at Les Chefs de France.  This restaurant has a nice dining room in a sunroom-type atmosphere which gives you a nice view of the folks passing by on the pathway around the World Showcase.  There is also another, more formal looking, dining room but it is all the same restaurant.  It is all casual dining, so shorts and t-shirts are OK. 

This is Les Chefs de France.

As you walk along the showcase pathway past Canada and the United Kingdom you cross a small bridge before getting to France.  The view from the bridge is wonderful.

As in the real Paris, this pavilion features a tall Eiffel Tower as its central feature. 

In the typical Disney fashion, great attention to detail was the focus in planning this pavilion.  The time period represented is from around 1870 to 1910.  There are beautiful looking shops featuring fine perfumes, cosmetics and wine.  Plus, the usual inexpensive items like T-shirts and Eiffel Tower keepsakes.

There is a wonderful bakery in France.  You can buy buttery croissants, sweet pasteries and quick sandwich meals here.  Somewhere along the line during our WDW trips we manage to work our way to this bakery and pick up a sweet treat.  The courtyard just outside the bakery has tables to sit at to enjoy your pastry or sandwich.

There is also a small but beautiful formal garden to see at the front of the pavilion.  At the far back of France you can enter a theater for the presentation of Impressions de France.  This is a travel film showcasing the French people and the countryside.  It is an exceedingly beautiful film that lasts about 18 minutes.  We never miss it when touring Epcot.

We'll never get to the "real France," so this will have to do for us.  It works and the best part is we can drive the motorhome to Epcot anytime we feel like it.  No airplanes need be involved!

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Phyllis said...

Another great day in your trip around the world?

MargieAnne said...

I want to join you at the bakery.

I love French food .... except frogs legs and snails. We tried frogs legs at the Miccosokee Restaurant, Florida, while we waited to go out on an air boat. The air boat over the swamp was one of my "Must Dos." TWJ was happy with the frogs legs, (he also tried alligator bites), but I'm not into fishy flavours, otherwise they were OK, although crumbed and deep fried. I'm sure the French have better ways to serve them.

Think of us as you enjoy your French meal. *smile*

Anonymous said...

Gosh, you're making me recall some of my best memories, with all your wonderful pictures. You are covering every inch of Disney, aren't you? :)

Happy Trails,

Cindy said... likes your post!!
I'm silly with

cindy and walker

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Dinah Soar said...

Love it---would love to visit France for real but I don't fly. Wondering if the ethnic food includes India? I adore Indian food.

Carol K said...

What a good job you have done showing us the essence of Epcot's France exhibit!

Rick and Paulette said...

I'm enjoying your trip around the world, Margie. Those restaurants and cafes look great. Thanks for the pics and another tour!

Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

What a great trip your taking us on.Thanks for sharing it.