Saturday, April 24, 2010

Romance and Intrigue of Morocco

The real Morocco may have that feeling of intrigue, but not at the Morocco here at Disney World, and  if you are thinking of a quiet and romantic dinner, a restaurant in Epcot is not the place.  We love all of the restaurants here but they are anything but quiet or romantic.  However, this pavilion representing the nation of Morocco is an interesting and exciting place to visit.

It is one of eleven countries represented in the World Showcase.  Morocco is sort of tucked back past France and before you get to Japan.  I think some folks used to walk by without stopping many years ago, but Disney has been smart in bringing each pavilion out and across the Showcase walkway.  Essentially you walk "through" each pavilion now and not "by them" so they can really get your attention.  There is an outdoor cafe for a quick service meal up front, or you can find the full-service restaurant in the back.  (click on photos for a larger view)

There are a few shops to browse through, and like the other pavilions they have imported items from craftsmen in their country.  You can find beautiful jewelry, clothing, carpets, brass items, woven goods and even a fez!  There is also a small museum room with Moorish art.


Last night we had reservations at the Restaurant Marrakesh.  We have never missed eating a meal here since we began coming to WDW back in the early 1980's.  Even our kids liked it back then.  This is one of the least busy restaurants at Epcot, but it would still be wise to make a reservation.  At this restuarant you sit at tables and not on the floor as you probably would in Marrakesh itself.  Restaurant Marrakesh recreates a Moroccan palace.  They have beautiful tile work and brass fixtures.  They also have inlaid-wood ceilings that are interesting.

You can get great food here.  They have couscous, roast lamb, shesh ka-bob, beef and chicken.  There is really quite a variety to offer.  We all had sampler plates since we couldn't decide which entree to order.  Every half hour musicians enter a center stage area and within a few minutes after they begin playing a belly dancer comes out to entertain the diners.  The music is loud, as it is in all the Disney restaurants that have entertainment, but it is a lot of fun.

Ali was our waiter for the evening and he was very helpful.  He patiently described any of the dishes we ordered that needed an explanation.  The people that work in each of the World Showcase pavilions are actually from the country being represented.  They come to the U.S. on a cultural exchange program that may be for 6 months or for 1 year.  They are always eager to talk and are friendly toward the guests. 

Here in Morocco there is no film to see or ride to experience.  We feel that it is a shame that every pavilion does not have something like the great films shown in Canada, China and France for the visitors to see.  It would really enhance the experience of being in these "foreign nations."  Even without a film showing, we think it is a must-see pavilion.

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Happytrails said...

I am really getting the itch to return to WDW!! When we were there last (Stephen was still young) we spent much of the time at the Magic Kingdom and didn't do much at Epcot. I want to experience Epcot.
Thanks so much for the great details and pictures. I am really enjoying traveling with you.

Mike & Gerri (

Rick and Paulette said...

I'm really enjoying this "world tour" you are taking us on, Margie. Some of the restaurants, including the "Marakesh" look fantastic. Great pictures of Morocco! I'm looking forward to more installments of your "world tour".


Now, if only I was a multi-millionaire & could swing a deal with Disney to have the whole place totally people free for a week I would love to go there....:))

Dinah Soar said...

I would definitely visit Morocco at WDW if I ever get there. I am fascinated by that part of the world.