Thursday, April 8, 2010

RV PARK REVIEW: Sonrise Palms RV Park

This morning was good.  We got out of the RV park early and drove right over to Lazy Days for the water filter we'd ordered from Texas.  It was there waiting for us just as they had promised.  Bruce took it out and installed it right away to make sure it was the correct one.  It worked...end of problem.  Well, we never really thought of this as much of a problem, just a small bump in the road.  Squawmama, Donna, reminded us that we could have stayed and dry camped last night at the Camping World.  We thought about it but it was just too hot.  We wanted A/C even if it meant juggling things around because the park's electric was so overloaded the 50 amp breaker wouldn't hold.  We used 30 amp.  It was worked....end of problem.

We arrived here in Cocoa, Florida just before noon.  We took the toll road over from Orlando because it was the fastest and easiest route.  I think the tolls were about $11.00 for 47 miles.  The RV park we selected was the Sonrise Palms Christian RV & Rally Park.  We found it in the Trailer Life Directory.  It is a Good Sam Park and a Passport America.  It was the most reasonably priced park in the area that is the closest to the Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral. (that we could find)  We were met by a friendly and helpful woman in the office who handled our registration quickly.

Sonrise Palms is located a short distance off of I-95 (exit 201).  It has 83 full hook-ups sites with 30 or 50 amp service.  From our previous experiences in the area, this park is typical for an average RV park in Florida.  It has nice grassy sites with small patios.  There is plenty of room to extend slides on both side of your rig.

It also has a swimming pool and laundry room which were very nice and clean.

We went to check out the clubhouse but it was locked up.  From our experiences staying in Florida last May and June, most of the parks have nice large clubhouse meeting spaces.  We were a little surprised that this one was small and closed up already.  They do have nice wide interior roads that are in great condition.

Our Good Sam rate here was $46.31 per night.  We try not to spend that much on RV parks normally, but when you are in certain areas and want to see certain is what it is!  You either pay the rate or you move on.  The Passport America program is only accepted from May to October.  That is also typical for RV parks in Florida.  You never get the deep discounts during the Snow Bird high season.

We will only be here for 2 nights.  Then we head back toward the Orlando area to stay for a few nights at another membership park.  I'll post a review on that after we get there.  We have no plans to ever return to this part of Florida, but if we did, we would stay at Sonrise Palms again.  It works.

Until next long for now!


Gypsy said...

It IS a pretty park, but I hope I never have to stay at one that expensive. I guess that leaves Florida out during certain times of year.

MargieAnne said...

Hi. We stayed in an old Motel on Cocoa Beach before going to the Space Centre, mid March 2005. The Space Centre was well worth the trip and we were so glad to be there pre-(high)season. Our only regret ... we didn't know what IMAX was/is and so missed what is probably an awesome experience. It was an amazing feeling standing in the original Moon Landing Control room. We finally succumbed to IMAX at Grand Canyon. What a ride! And getting our head around the tractors took some doing too, not to mention the size of the carpark. That is one big area!!!

Enjoy. This is fun following you, almost like revisiting ourselves.

Margie M. said...

Gypsy...if you come to Florida after May 1st the prices drop quite a bit. Last year we were here for the entire month of May and did not pay more than $18.00 per night at some of the best parks. They were our membership program parks, but many of them allow Passport America plans for much cheaper too. Of course, it is a lot hotter here from May thru September, but the cost is less.

Carol K said...

Sonrise looks like a nice park. Thanks for the review and pictures!

squawmama said...

Hi Margie... what was I thinking!!! I've been in cool weather for so long I forgot how it is at home... LOL Glad you got the part and all worked out well for you. The RV park sounds great but it is a little pricy... Have fun and travel safe!

Jerry and Suzy said...

Wow, Florida would be off limits for us in the high season. We might be able to get into a Thousand Trails, but I'll bet they are reserved WAY far ahead. Eeeek!

Rick and Paulette said...

Margie, I'm not going to have to rely on RVParkReviews much to see what campgrounds are like, I'll just have to check your blog - great review!

I know what you mean about sometimes having to pay high park rates. As you say "it is what it is". We found that out while staying near Mt. Rushmore - $49 a night. But, it's still a bargain when you consider how close you are to such a great place. We couldn't do it all the time, but once in a while it's worth it.

Gail Durham said...

We went to the The Space Centre years ago, and just loved it.

Wild Blue Yonder said...

Nice park, but way over my pocketbook! Thanks for the heads-up on the seasonal rates for passport america, did not know that!
Looks pretty though.
Enjoy your stay there!

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