Monday, April 19, 2010

Canada, Eh?

The pavilion dedicated to the great country to our north, Canada, is one of our favorites at Epcot.  Maybe it is our favorite because we have actually visited Canada about 8 or 9 times and have always found the people there to be fantastic and welcoming to visitors.  Or maybe it is because the country of Canada is so vast that it never disappoints us because there is something new to see everytime we go. is just flat out a very beautiful country!

The beauty of the "real Canada" is reflected here in this pavilion, which is also very beautiful.  It is large and impressive, that's for sure.  Within the boundaries of this Canada are a nice gift shop, a fantastic steak house restaurant, beautiful gardens and a Circle-Vision 360 film presentation called "O Canada" that showcases the wonders of this country.  The film here was revamped in the last few years and it is better than ever.  If you don't want to visit Canada after viewing this 18-minute film....there is just no hope for you!!!

This is the first look you get from the World Showcase walk-way.  You can see the chateau style hotel building and the 30-foot totem poles reflecting their North American Native cultural history.  (click on photos for a larger view)

Here is another look at the large building.                               Close up view of a totem pole.

One of the most beautiful flower gardens can be seen in Canada.

We took a look inside the large gift shop and we found some great sports shirts and some imported items from Canada.

One of the most fun things to do in Epcot's Canada is to listen to a short concert by the Canadian Rock group called Off Kilter.  These are a group of singers that wear kilts and play the best, most lively music.  We never fail to watch them.  Two guys play guitar and one guy plays the bagpipes.  Yes, you read that correctly....the bagpipes.  About 5 years ago when we were here we purchased one of their CD's and we listen to it often.  They perform shows about 5 times nightly.  Last year we just happened to be here on Canada Day, which is July 1.  We came to Epcot to watch Off Kilter.  It was the BEST time we ever had.  The crowd watching was huge and most of them were Canadians who were visiting or those that worked within the pavilion.  It was a total party atmosphere and we loved being part of it.  Off Kilter gave their best performances that day.   Give Off Kilter and Canada a try, eh??

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Gypsy said...

I took my two youngest sons to Epcot back about 1986 or 87, and the one thing I remember about the whole visit to Epcot was the Canada exhibit. I loved the 360 degree screen, and hope they haven't "improved" it beyond recognition. It was wonderful.

Rick and Paulette said...

Thanks for the nice tribute to my "home and native land"!! I've been to Epcot, just once, but I guess I opted not to go to the Canada Pavillion because I thought I wouldn't see anything new. Maybe I should have, eh? That tall building you showed in your pics are most likely representing the series of large Canadian Pacific Hotels across Canada like the Hotel Vancouver, the Chateau Laurier, the Banff Hotel etc.

Carol K said...

Another great post, Margie. It was almost like being there with you!

Rick said...

Thank you for such a nice review on our wonderful Country.



I was at Disney World in 78 but don't remember the Canadian Pavillion. I was with a couple other guys & maybe we thought because we all lived in Canada we didn't have to see it. Too bad. Yes, this is a very beautiful country we live in here & as Canadians I think we are far more fortunate than what we really realize.

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

We second the motion,we have always found Canadians and there country to be wonderful,Their sense of humor in most cases is exceptional, when the going gets party, they sure know how to have fun. Glad you guys are enjoying your stay at WDW. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

We liked the Canada display the best, as well. My only purchase in the park was a t-shirt with "getting the Moose out of life".

Margie M. said...

Rick: Thanks for that info on the hotel names there in Canada, I didn't know those names.

Gypsy: Never fear on the 360 Circlevision film! It is basicially the same travelog film with the addition of some comical segments before and after the film by Canadian, Martin Short. He is so funny in this and it does not detract from the lovely journey through Canada.

Thanks for all the comments. Canada deserves them.

KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

What a nice tour you gave us of Epcot, and we will be sure to find the Canada exhibit when we get there sometime.

Karen and Steve
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