Saturday, April 17, 2010

Epcot--World Showcase--Dinner in Italy

The World Showcase portion of Epcot is our favorite place to eat when we tour this theme park.  The World Showcase is like a celebration of nations.  They have 11 nations represented with their own pavilions.  Each pavilion's architecture depicts the style and setting you would find in that nation if you were to visit.   We can't select a favorite pavilion....we love them all and each one is very different.

The World Showcase sits at the far back of the Epcot park and you will walk over 1 mile from the entry gate to the furthest pavilion, which is the American Adventure.  If you just walk completely around the 40-acre Showcase Lagoon, seeing the pavilions, that will give you a 1.2 mile workout in addition to the walk from the entry.  Just right for working up an appetite.  A great attention to detail is represented here.  Some pavilions have a ride or film to see, Italy has neither...just good food and some beautiful artwork and shops.

Here is Italy.  You can see a replica of the Doge's Palace in Venice and the 105-foot bell tower. 

Going from the front to the rear of the plaza you pass shops and an outdoor cafe.

Like everywhere in Epcot, the flower displays are beautiful.

Last night we had reservations for dinner at the Tutto Italia Ristorante in "Italy."  We have eaten here about 5 times over the years and it has become a must-do when we visit now.  We enjoyed a dish of marinated olives and mushrooms, bread basket,  New York Strip Steak with sauteed Swiss Chard and roasted potatoes.  Then we got a dessert selection with the Dining Plan so I selected the cannoli and Bruce took the lemon cheesecake.   Like Clemenza said....."Leave the gun, take the cannoli."  Cannoli is my favorite choice at this restaurant.

A note about the Dining Plan:  With a package plan at WDW you can add the Disney Dining Plan for about $39.99 per person, per day.  That allows each person to  (1) snack option, (1) quick-service meal which includes main item, dessert and beverage and (1) full-service meal which includes an entree, dessert and non-alcoholic beverage.   Our dinner in Italy last night worked out to $102.24 (not counting gratuity which we add as extra).  So, you can see that if you want to eat the the WDW restaurants the Dining Plan makes a lot of sense.

Reservations for any of the full-service restaurants in WDW are a must.  If you come without making prior reservations, you will almost certainly be disappointed.  We planned all of our dinner choices about 3 months ago and made reservations at that time.  It takes too much advanced planning, but at least you will get to eat where you want when you get here.

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Politico said...

Margie- your blog is daunting! Great accounts. My wife wants to do full timing upon retirement (whenever that will be). She saw a Winnebago Tour at an RV show and thought it to be really nice. One thing that I wonder is whether you've encountered issues with the the length of the RV and being able to get into campgrounds.



Margie M. said...

Thanks Phil for your comments on my blog. Normally we make sure we verify whether or not a specific RV park will be able to fit our 40-footer in a site. Some have been tight, but we manage the backing in process thru the benefit of using a walkie-talkie system of comunication. We cannot fit our MH into many of the state parks or national parks we used to take our 30-footer to. However, since we choose to fulltime, the trade-off with the added 10 foot of living space makes up for what we cannot do. Plus, we're getting "old" now (LOL) and prefer full hook-ups more often than not. If you have any further questions....just ask!

Have a good day.

Wild Blue Yonder said...

that food looks yummy! I have never been disappointed with the service or the food at the WDW restaurants.
Thanks for sharing! But like you said, you pay for it. :)

Happytrails said...

What an awesome place! WDW does everything right to the last detail. Your Italian meal looked delicious. Enjoy!!

Mike & Gerri (

sue and doug said...

little italy looks great!!.glad you are enjoying your time there!

Rick and Paulette said...

Great looking place to eat, Margie. Your dinner sounded terrific and I liked the comment from the Godfather - my all time favourite movie. Thanks for the tour of Epcot.

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Wow, Margie, you got Sam's attention, he love's canaloni, he even keeps some frozen in the freezr for when Donna is working he can just put some on sauce and bake for about 45 minutes at 350degs and then put some white provel cheese on top and put back in for about 15 more minutes until the cheese is starting to brown and is melted. We too did the meal plan at WDW it can be a really big savings and you get to eat at 4 star restaurants to boot. Be safe out there, Sam & Donna.