Saturday, April 3, 2010

Meeting Cindy and Walker For Lunch

I have so much to post on today, I will have to do 2!

I tell you, boy, we hit the motherlode the past week in getting to meet fellow Bloggers.  Today we had the great pleasure of meeting Cindy and Walker.....real, honest-to-goodness Texans!  Cindy and I have followed each other's blogs for quite some time, and when she found out we were coming toward their hometown of Seguin (near San Antonio) she asked if we could meet up for lunch someplace.  YES...I answered.   So the arrangements were made.

Bruce and I wanted to take a drive down toward New Braunfels, south of Johnson City, so we arranged to meet Cindy and Walker there.  We had no clue where to eat and asked Cindy for suggestions.  She gave several and told us to "pick one".  We picked BBQ.  Let me set you straight....nobody should ever come to Texas and NOT "eat BBQ".  They really know how to do it right.

Sidebar on BBQ:  OK, we're originally from southern California and they BBQ there all the time.  The difference in the term is that in Texas, and the South, BBQ means a type of food.  It is beef, pork, chicken or ribs cooked very slowly with a certain blend of spices and a great BBQ sauce.  In California BBQ simply means a method of cooking.   It means that you go and throw your food (any food) on the barbecue grill outdoors and cook it.  Now in the South, doing that method of cooking means to "grill" your food.  See the difference? 

Now...back to our day....We met our "new friends" at Rudy's BBQ in the town of New Braunfels.

It was a great restuarant with many selections on their menu.  You order at the counter and pick up your food to take to long gingham covered tables where the four of us sat down and had a great time.  We all became fast friends and it was as if we had known them for a very long time.  We exchanged stories about our respective families and talked about RV living.  It was wonderful.   Cindy writes her own blog about their life getting ready for a fulltime adventure in their 40-foot King of the Road 5er.   I suggest you give her blog a look, CLICK HERE , and read their story.

Here are Walker and Cindy, two of the most friendly and down-to-earth people you will ever meet:

We sat and talked for about 2 hours and then it was time to head back to Johnson City.  We hugged and shook hands and took each other's pictures (we're bloggers after all) and then Cindy presented us with a "welcome to Texas" gift.  Awwww what sweet southern hospitality.  They gave us some beautiful dessert/snack plates covered with the wildflowers of Texas hill country and a special edition box of tissues with the same wildflowers all over it.  What a sweet little darlin'.  (that's more of the Texas talk, like fixin' and idn'it)  We waved each other goodbye and they climbed into their big pickup truck and headed back to Seguin.

We have had a great time here in only 4 days!  I have discovered that I really love this state.  We will definitely have to come back again for a lengthy visit.  We've done some hit-and-miss touring here over the years, but this time it was just more special.  Could be the folks we've been meeting up with!

Tomorrow morning we leave to drive into Louisiana for just an overnight stop.  I hope ya'll come back and read my blog again. (that's more of the Texan talk)

Until next long for now!


Walker Brewer said...

Brtuce and Margie
What a pleasure meeting you folks today! It was a great visit. Hope we can do it again when ya'll make it back this way. We would love to spend more time visiting and there is always plenty of BBQ places around here to check out. Ya'll have a safe trip.
Until next time

Cindy said...

Gosh girl you sure picked up the Texas talk

I hope Annie didn't get to hot in the car!! Did you find Wal Mart alright?

We sure enjoyed the visit!!! Looking forward to reading about the rest of your trip!!Ya'll be careful on the road.

hugs..Cindy and Walker