Monday, April 12, 2010

RV PARK REVIEW: Mouse Mountain RV Resort, Davenport, FL

Saturday we drove from Cocoa, near Kennedy Space Center, to the small town of Davenport, Florida.  We had made reservations 60 days prior to arrival by using our ACN membership program.  ACN is affiliated with the AOR system.  In the ACN plan sites are "approximately" $10.00 per night plus a $3.00 reservation fee.  This is the first ACN park we have ever used and according to their rules you call their central 800 number and that person calls the RV park to get a rate.  Bruce called the 800 number to make these reservations and was quoted the rate of $15.00 plus the $3.00.  OK...that's still super cheap.  We booked the reservation for 5 nights.

We got here before lunch time on Saturday.  The directions in the directory were very simple and easy to follow.  The park is almost 2 miles off I-4 so you have no traffic noise at all to disturb you.  The sign to the park is visible from the main road. 

We pulled up and parked in front of the office.  We were met by a very nice woman who was working the part time shift.  We gave our name and she pulled out a paper, looked at us and then said, "the rate is $38.00 per night.  Did they tell you this?"  I asked how come it was so much after we were given the price of $18.00?  She showed us a sheet that stated the peak season rate was still in effect until April 15th.  Then she said she would call the manager to see what she could do.  The manager gave the OK for the $18.00 rate for 4 nights and the $38.00 for the 5th night.  OK...fine...we'll stay.  It was still a lot cheaper than the other parks in the Disney World area.  We needed a 5-night stay somewhere before our check-in date at Fort Wilderness. 
Sometimes people try to pull a fast one over on you.  We chose to just accept the 5th night at the higher rate.  We felt good about how we handled it.  We didn't get mad at the lady behind the counter, she was only doing what she was told to do.  It is still a cheaper deal for us, and we left the office feeling good about not throwing a fit or causing a ruckus.  It wouldn't have done any good anyway, except to make us look like mean, grumpy RVer's. 

So, after the check-in process was finished we drove to the middle of this "resort" to find our space.  Resort is a big word and it is used quite liberally here.  Our site was on a corner and easy to get the MH pulled in.  We needed to stay to the far back as that is where the utilities were located.  Good thing, because the site really took a big drop down in the front.  It took a few minutes to get us leveled and it did require those nice big wooden level pads Bruce made last year to get the job done.  Our site has a 50 amp service, which is nice.

These are some of the other sites in the area.

This park is a very old snow bird park and the interior roads are very narrow.  Most of the seasonal residents have flown the coop, but there are many full-time residents here.  Each one that passes by gives a friendly wave and a nice greeting.
On the grounds is a large building like a clubhouse that is also used as a church on Sunday mornings.  We saw that during the snow bird season they have a long list of social activities here.  Seems there is always something planned for the residents and visitors.  There is a lovely pool next to the clubhouse building.  The pool is very well kept and the water is clean and clear.

It wouldn't be a real snow bird park if it didn't have a nice shuffleboard area.  There is also a laundry connected to the office building that is clean and neat.

This is one of 2 restroom buildings here at Mouse Mountain.  I peeked inside the ladies room and it was clean, although not extremely large.  We don't use the park restroom buildings, so however they appear will not really affect our situation.

This Mouse Mountain RV Resort is an adequate place to hang out for a few days.  I really couldn't see us coming here for an entire season, however.  They are listed in the Trailer Life Directory and are also a Passport America member park, but those rates don't apply until after April 15.  The rate listed in the Trailer Life Directory is $30.00 to $36.00. 

Our needs are very few and in spite of being a bit rough around the edges, this park will serve us well.  We really are easy going folks that are not hard to please.  Besides we had to save up the "big bucks" to pay the high rate at WDW.  :)

Until next long for now!


Gypsy said...

The roads do look very narrow, especially for the big motorhomes and 5th wheels. You handled the rate issue very well - saved your own stress level plus no doubt that of the woman in the office.

Carol K said...

Thanks for another great park review, Margie. It sounds like you handled the fee situation very well. We're always happy when we can get a 50 amp site.

KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

You made me really laugh out loud about the shuffleboard court!

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