Friday, April 30, 2010

RV PARK REVIEW: Southern Trails, Unadilla, Georgia

After a 1-hour walk through the Fort Wilderness campground at 6:00 am, we got ourselves and the motorhome ready for travel.  We left at 8:30 am Thursday and found our way to the Florida Turnpike where we connected with I-75 North.  Destination was Unadilla, Georgia.

A couple of months ago we made reservations at a Coast to Coast park here in Unadilla.  Strange as it seems, we spent last April 28 and 29 at this same park.  We checked in this time on April 29.  Last year we were heading south to Florida....this year we are heading north and away from Florida. 

We arrived mid-afternoon and were met by a nice woman in the office of the Southern Trails RV Resort.  She had our reservation form in hand and with a magic click on her mouse, she pulled up all of our information.  We didn't have to fill out a thing.   Since we were here last year, they have also added an affiliation with ROD.  That is new and we did not have this park listed in our ROD directory.  It could have saved us $10.00 if we had known that.  $10.00 for our Coast to Coast rate is still very cheap.  We did opt to pay the extra $2.00 for a 50 amp site as it is very warm and we want to use the A/C and do some laundry (watch TV, use the microwave, electric waterheater).

We selected our own site after driving through the 50 amp section.  They have 133 full hook-up sites and 58 with W/E only.  The rows in the 50 amp section are mainly gravel and narrow, but big enough to get into the pull-through sites easily. 

I think that the 30 amp. sites are actually nicer and have a lot of grass area, plus nice pecan trees to shade you.  Because it is so warm here, we skipped these nice grassy sites in favor of the 50 amp service.  These are some of the 30 amp sites.

This is the area of partial hook-up sites looking toward the Bath House.  This is the only true bath house in the park.  Up near the 50 amp sites, connected to the office, is a restroom with toilet and sink only.  I guess if the folks in the upper sites want to use the park restrooms, they have to walk quite a distance to get there.  Not great.  Here is also a photo of the ladies portion of the Bath House.  Neat and clean, but nothing to shout about.  We never use the park restrooms, but I try to include information on them in case a reader wants to know about that.

They have a small chapel and have worship service on Sunday mornings.  There is a small mini-golf course behind the chapel.  There is a nice pool that looked clean and well maintained.  The laundry room is attached to the park office and was clean, if nothing too fancy.

There is also a small clubhouse and we were told that "free" pancakes would be served tomorrow morning.  Ahh, we'll have to skip that as we are on a mission to get rid of a few pounds we somehow picked up at Disney World.   Southern Trails RV Resort is fairly close to Andersonville Civil War Prison and Plains, the home of Jimmy Carter, and we did both of those last year when we were here. 

This park is nothing fancy, but it is adequate.  It is right next to I-75 and you can hear a little bit of freeway noise, but nothing disturbing.  I don't think I'd want to spend more than a day or two here, but for an overnight it is just fine and dandy.

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Phyllis said...

Ah - how much I would love to be traveling. I guess I will have to content myself learning the ins and outs of new computer I bought yesterday. Old one gave up the ghost!

Rick and Paulette said...

Thanks for another great RV Park review. Looking at the picture of the main office building, I couldn't help wondering if the park had once been a KOA as it has that very familiar KOA shaped roof.

Happytrails said...

I see your Georgia stop was only about 2 hours from where we are presently located. We are in Pine Mountain, Ga. close to where our son lives (LaGrange) for his birthday and then on to our camphost position for a few months at FDR State Park.

Safe travels and enjoy the journey!

Mike & Gerri (

KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

Thanks for the review on the campground. Looks like the road is pretty narrow for big rigs like a 40 footer to swing wide and back into a site. At least fifth wheels *bend* in the middle when backing in. LOL Or are they pull throughs?

Karen and Steve
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