Saturday, September 11, 2010

RV PARK REVIEW: Klamath River RV in Klamath, California

We’d never stayed in this little town of Klamath before.  Since we have a membership park in the area we decided to make a 2-night stop this time.  The town of Klamath isn’t much really….a gas ‘n sip, casino, and a few miscellaneous stores.  The tourist trap “Trees of Mystery” are just north of the small town.  We’ve made the stop there twice over the past 40 years and that is enough.

Our RV park of choice this time was the Klamath River RV Park which is located just south of the town and off of Hwy. 101 at exit #768.  We made reservations through our Coast to Coast program.  It is also open to the public and has a listing in the Trailer Life book as a Good Sam park.


To enter the park a very sharp right turn is required.  It was easy enough for our 40 footer we just had to swing real wide to make the turn.  This park is located directly on the banks of the Klamath River and has nice views.

                                            This is the entry road to the RV park after the turn.DSCF6546

We stopped at the office and were greeted by a man (presumably the owner or manager) who was less than friendly.  In fact, he was almost rude and we were not impressed at all.  I said, “this park sure is beautiful.”  Nothing.  No answer, no thank you.  Nothing.  He did have our reservation in his system so that was not an issue.  We paid $10.00 per night with our Coast to Coast booking.  As usual with parks these days, there was a $3.00 per day surcharge for electric.  There was a prominent sign on the counter that read, “we accept cash, checks and MC or VISA debit cards.”  Since we try to conserve our cash reserves when we travel, Bruce pulled out our debit card and put it on the counter.  He tersely says, “No.  No way.  Not for only $6.00.”  Bruce quietly took back the debit card and forked over the $6.00 cash.  No place on the sign or anywhere else in the office could we see anything that listed a minimum dollar amount for using debit cards.  OK…whatever, you big jerk.

                                            The office where the “jerk” hung out.DSCF6505

The guy in the office asked us if we wanted a “premium site” facing the river for an additional $5.00 per night.  Nope, we’re happy with a regular site.  We didn’t buy his cable TV service either.  WiFi was $2.00 per night and we didn’t get that for our first night.  I was just so ticked off at his attitude I didn’t want to give him an extra $2.00.  The second night of our stay we did go and pay the $2.00 for a WiFi connection.  The service is as slow as molasses!   No AT&T service for cell phone or wireless.

Even though we paid $3.00 for electric surcharge, and they only had 30 amp service, we were told we could not use electric heat.  Plus, you cannot use your rig’s washer/dryer.  Nope…not allowed due to the soap going into the septic system.  They have a laundry here so I was wondering where the soap goes from those washers???

                                            Sites are rather close together, but long enough for big rigs.DSCF6504


There is a small clubhouse with a library rack, tables for social gatherings and games.  The laundry room was spotless and nicely done.  The ladies restroom wasn’t anything special, but it was very clean.

                                            Clubhouse building and small playground next to it.DSCF6498





The sites are all grass but no patios and very little space between RV’s.  The interior roads are in good condition and are part gravel and part paved.  There are a total of 104 sites and all are fairly level.  We had no problem getting our MH leveled.  Some sites have views of the Klamath River and that is nice. 

                                            Chairs by the river for relaxing are very nice.DSCF6495

                                            There is good salmon fishing in the Klamath River.DSCF6496

There is a ramp for your fishing boat and a dock.  There are picnic tables in a large area by the lake for use by guests.  You can find horseshoe pits by the river.  You can’t beat the beautiful views here and the park is also very quiet.  You hear very little, if any, noise from the road. 

If you stay here with the public rates you will pay $38.00 to $42.00 per night.  There is probably no electric surcharge with the public rates, but you will still pay for the WiFi service.  Good Sam card will get you a 10% discount.

We stayed here on September 9th and 10th. 

Dogs are allowed with the usual restrictions you find everywhere:  leashed, clean up after them.

Our rating based upon 5 star system = ***

Once we got past the jerk at check-in our stay here was nice.  However, he made such a bad impression on us that we will elect NOT to stay here again.  The sites are close together and we can’t use our own washer.  If we come back to this area, we’ll look elsewhere.  We’d probably opt to stay 19 miles north of here in the town of Crescent City.

Until next time… long for now!


Rick and Paulette said...

Thanks for the honest and straightforward park review, Margie. From your photos, it does look like a nice park with some nice views of the river. However, that's not enough to convince me to stay there after hearing about the Manager's less than friendly attitude plus the extra rules and charges.

We'll know to drive right on by that RV Park when we head down that way in a few months. Thanks!

Margie and Roger said...

Well written review. I think parks need to really think about whether they want to give discounts or not. If they give one, they should not give an "attitude" to go with it. If they elect not to give the discount, then "we" will decide which park is the absolute best since we are paying full price. "We" tolerate some less than nice parks because they give a discount. Those less than nice parks wouldn't get any of our business if they didn't give a discount. If we are going to pay top dollar for a park, then I want a nice park - not one that wouldn't let me use my washer, charge me for wi-fi, be packed in like sardines, etc. We found a few parks that wanted cash - makes me wonder if they report the "cash" sales on their IRS return.

Sue and Doug said...

nice park..too bad the guy was such a almosts sounds like a KOA..keep on the price per night..remind me one day to tell you about 'jackass jackson'..a jerk we named a couple of summers ago..onwards to Pismo!!!

Kimberly and Jerry Peterson said...

Absolutely LOVE your reviews!!!

Did you check out the RV Parking, you would be such an asset to that site?

We are also C2C members and we are planning to go up the coast in a few weeks and was considering this so sure!

Do people not know that word of mouth is the best or worse form of advertisement they can have. Customer service is always at the top of our list, thanks for heads up!!

Karen and Al said...

Someone like that can ruin a perfectly good campground and you won't likely forget him. I wonder if you can use soap when you shower or wash your dishes?

Carol K said...

Well, I'll bet you are happy that you weren't planning on staying more than two nights at that park. Except for the jerk in the office and all the rules, it sounds like a nice enough park. It's always good to check out new parks along the way--usually we are pleasantly surprised, but not always!

Happytrails said...

Take away the jerk with an attitude and his rules, it looks like a nice campground. I'm like Karen, can you use soap when you shower? You have always been good about giving reviews of campgrounds, thanks.
Mike & Gerri

Judy and Emma said...

Is $38-42/night common in private parks in CA? I don't think I'd stay there. Thanks for the heads up. :)

JODI said...

When will some people learn customer service is everything?

Phyllis said...

I,too, was wondering if you contribute to I usually do and for sure check out the reviews.

We also use some RV parks for short stays that are not all that great just because of the discounts. Some are winners, some I would not return to.

I just bet you wanted to give the jerk some lessons on customer service! In strong language at that!! LOL!

Freely Living Life said...

What an awesome review. If only all RVers had the courage to post the reality and truth about campgrounds we would all know which ones to stay out of. No wonder why AL (Bayfield Bunch) prefers Boondocking! =)

Besides the "jerk" we hope that you are able to enjoy the area you are in!

I just had to laugh at Sue & Dougs comment (above) about KOA's! Ugh! We will NEVER stay at another KOA! Absolutely the rudest group of folks we have ever encountered!

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Too bad about the jerk, I would be like you and been looking the next day, No matter how nice the park, you are still the paying customer, no matter what rate you pay. The park owner should be aware that his employees are running his business down, if that was the owner, then maybe he doesn't need our business. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

Wild Blue Yonder said...

Wow, sometimes a person at the front desk makes or breaks whether I would stay there for sure. This guy sounded like he was not in the line of work he was intended for!
Good grief!

The place looked nice, I don't like that the RV's were so close together, I wonder if you had a chance to talk to others that were staying there in your short time, and if they found his attitude biting as well?

Soap is soap. Septic should be able to hold that. Showers produce soap, laundry produces soap. I would have used the RV laundry anyway if I needed to.

Good review, thanks for the heads up!
(ps. I'm with Judy on the comment about the "regular" rates being high, we don't even pay that much here in Sunny Alberta - and we have high rates!)

Dennis and Donna said...

We avoid RV "parks" if we can. It seems like the spaces are too close together. It does look like a nice park though...As for Mr. "Jerk"...You know what they say.."You can't fix stupid"..

KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

Honestly, I think the best pic is of the grouping of chairs near the river. What a nice place to hang out and meet other RVers! The rest of the place looked kinda utilitarian and basic and cheap.

And for the manager and his attitude, well, he can just stop sucking his sour lemons and try to make some lemonade outta it. I think some of those guys feel that if you didn't pay *full price* that they don't need to make an effort for you.

A partial rate is better than NO rate at all for an empty campsite, right?

Karen and Steve
(Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

Lin said...

Yikes--that is some list of rules! I certainly wouldn't give him the business again.

Anonymous said...

Just popping in to say nice site.

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