Monday, September 20, 2010

My Love Letter

Dear Bloggers and Readers:

Mom and Dad have gone out to the grocery store so I wanted to try and get a blog post published all by myself.  It is harder than I thought it would be.  Mom makes it seem easy.  I’m glad there is a spellcheck button.

I really appreciate all of the suggestions everyone left in their comments yesterday about my….um, delicate situation.  Mom and Dad talked over the whole deal and came up with a couple of things to try for right now.  Plus, Mom bought some of that Nature’s Miracle stuff.  She forgot all about that stuff and was glad about the reminder of it.  We used to have a bottle of that when I was a puppy.

I take a lot of medications already, as some of you may know because Mom is always blabbing all over the Blogosphere about it.  Since I am not having an emergency situation, they aren’t going to take me to a local vet right now.  He’ll want to do a lot of blood tests and things (since I have diagnosed heart disease and kidney problems) because I’d be a new patient, and I have to see Dr. Mitchell back in Olympia in November anyway. I can get a new medication then.  As for possible kidney stones and surgery, unless the surgery would become an emergency, it’s best I don’t do that.  Because of my heart condition, I could be getting to that Rainbow Bridge if I go under anesthesia.  I’m not ready for that trip yet. 

One of the medications I have to take is a diuretic, which hadn’t been causing problems.  I guess it is now since I’m making wee-wee in my bed sometimes.  Mom and Dad have decided to only give me the Lasix in the mornings now and not in the afternoon.  They did that yesterday, and boy, did I have a good night’s sleep! 

                                            I used to walk on the beach a lot like these dog friends.DSCF6691  

I haven’t actually piddled all over the motorhome carpets which is a good thing.  My problems have mainly been confined to my 2 dog beds and my blankie.  Mom has thoroughly washed those and they don’t smell yucky anymore.  She got some absorbent pads and put those under the bedding too, to catch any “uh-oh’s”.  She has Nature’s Miracle now in case I do make wee-wee on the floor. 

I’m still having a great time here at Pismo Beach even though I don’t get out around the town as much as I used to.  It’s all good though because I can still look out the low windows by the table and bark at dog friends walking by.  Then I duck behind the table and they look but can’t see me!  HeHe.

                                  At least I didn’t have to have a shower outside like this St. Bernard!DSCF6671

I don’t have much of an appetite most days.  Sometimes my food sits in my bowl for 10 hours before I even take one bite.  Mom tries all sorts of stuff to get me to eat.  She even warmed my canned food in the microwave so it wouldn’t be icy cold.  She’s so good to me.  I still don’t always eat it though.   I do scarf up my Cheerios when they give me a potty treat after a walk.  Those are really keeping me going.

I guess that is all for today.  I just wanted to say how much I love all of you for being so kind and sending ideas and suggestion for helping me.  You guys are the best!  I’ll keep you posted on how things go.





Sarah said...

Thanks for the pupdate, Annie! ;)

Lin said...

It's tough to get older, Annie. Everyone has "issues" and medication as they get older. Hang in there. :)

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Great to hear your doing better, we were all worried, Your pals in Dardenne Prairie MO. Sam, Donna & Rigg's.

Dennis and Donna said...

My Dear Annie...When I look at your picture is see whiskers and big eyes...At least the whiskers are normal for a girl dog, otherwise our problems are just about the same...Thanks for the letter...Sending good karma back at ya! Love, the Cave people

JB said...

It's a good thing Al at the Bayfield Bunch keeps his computer under lock and key if his doggy guys followed your lead they would burn up a lot of band width.

Lynn said...

Annie, you are a split image of our little Fritzi who passed away this past Dec. 21st. He was 14 years old. His dad and I miss him so very much. You minature schnauzer's are so adorable! Maybe someday I'll have another schnauzer... but, not just yet..

I know your Mom and Dad love you very much! I will keep you, and your mom and dad in my thoughts and prayers..


Wild Blue Yonder said...

Hey Annie
Take good care of yourself, someone has to look after your mom and dad!

Keep barking!


Anonymous said...

oh Annie you sound like a very smart girl. And I must say I just love your name it is very cute. Take Good Care Annie but it sounds like you Mom and Dad do that for you. You are a very lucky girl. Maybe one day you can meet our Meggie she is a Border Collie and getting up there in years also

Brenda Brown

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Hi Annie, this is Bobcat, Penny's Manx cat.
I got crystals in my bladder about 8 years ago. It was so embarrassing, I would leak while I was asleep, and as I was walking to get to my box.
It hurt, too. The vet pressed my bladder to make me pee on the exam table and I could see the nasty pink little crystals! He said it was caused by my diet.

My mom put me on a really good food with no corn or 'byproducts' in it, with the right PH, first ingredient real meat or chicken, and I haven't had a recurrence.
It costs more, but I am worth it. Now I am 15 years old, and still going strong.

I hope you feel better soon, and that it doesn't hurt.

Happy Tails, Meow, Bobcat.

Rick and Paulette said...

Thanks Annie, you are a very good dog for letting us know how you're doing. I sure hope you get your appetite back and start eating to get your strength up a bit. It was nice to hear you got a good night's sleep last night so maybe that'll help a lot. Enjoy the beach on your walks o.k. and don't every forget, you are a very loved dog!

Gypsy said...

Annie, I sure sympathize with you because I take a diuretic in the morning and have to get up many times during the night. At least I haven't piddled in my bed - yet! You hang in there, girlie, and maybe they can find something to help you out.

Love, Gypsy

Susan said...

Hi Annie,
My mom is writing this for me, because I hit all the wrong keys. Your mom and dad are taking real good care of you. I know that because you love them like I love my mom. I hope that you can get out on the beach soon. Your new friend Angel.

Judy and Emma said...

Annie, this is Emma. I'm a young whippersnapper. I need your advice. Sometimes I want to lift my leg outside to leave a sign. Is that normal for a young lady? Seems like you have enough experience to give me some good advice. My human just laughs when I do this. :( Seems to me when you gotta gotta go! Sometimes I don't like to eat, either. I don't want to get pudgy, don't ya know. Why not try getting your human up at dawn like I do??? Hang in there, Annie!

Wayne and Roberta said...

Annie, I hope you feel better! It's not easy becoming a Sr Citizen. I'm 12 1/2 and blind and get very tired when they take me on long walks but my Mom & Dad take good care of me. Mom bought me a doggie stroller so when we go on a walk and when I get tired they put me in it and I get to keep going with them. Take care of yourself.. SoSo

Sue and Doug said...

way to go, Annie..pretty smart for an old gal!!!..thanks for the big update!

KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...


(Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard


Aw yes, the indignities of aging. This growing old isn't even for the birds. Our aging guys are beginning to exhibit signs of early problems as well. Max, our blonde border collie mix is very hard of hearing now & Checkers our black & white purebred has had some bladder stone surgery & her hips have some arthritus in them. Our little Motormouse is like the energizer bunny though & just keeps on going & going. Maybe Max don't hear so good anymore but there's nothing wrong with his eyesight so he was able to read your post to the other two guys:)) Hang in there Annie & the Bayfield Bunch sends you all their best.

Gail Durham said...

All I can say is, bless your heart!

Jerry and Suzy said...

No dogs or cats or even goldfish have adopted us, so it's just Suzy and me wishing you well. It's good to hear from you once in a while.

Oh, we do have a pretend friend here. He's a stuffed orangutan named "Tang." He's lucky that he never gets any older. One time a long time ago a cat took a chunk out of his nose, though.

Margie and Roger said...

How sweet!

pidge said...

This is adorable!! I sure hope you get to feeling better and start eating. That can't be good for you. Pray your not in pain.

Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

Annie I hope you do get to doing better,I'm sitting here at work reading this and thinking about Angie the Schnauzer I had for 16 years and she had the same problems.I drove a truck back then and she was with me every day on the road for 16 years. Hang in there.