Thursday, September 30, 2010

Our Day Trip, part 1

Today seemed like a good day for an outing.  As I wrote yesterday, I’m working on a photo album for Zoey and I needed a break.  I know actual photo albums are a thing of the past for many.  Most people create their web albums and such.  However, I began creating photo albums for Mackenzie when she was born and she now has 5.  I cannot stop this creative endeavor for Zoey until she, also, has a total of 5.  I like things even-Steven.  So, outdated or old-fashioned, I still have to get to a total of 5.  Then I will retire from that hobby.

We decided to take a trip North of Pismo Beach and go up California Coastal Highway 1.  As you travel about 10 miles from here, in the center of San Luis Obispo, you will find the exit for Hwy. 1.  It is well-marked and it would be difficult to miss.  It will take you past the Cal Poly campus and into Morro Bay.  We did not stop in Morro Bay but kept traveling. 

We found Morro Bay fairly well socked in with fog.  Hwy. 1 is a 2-lane road in most places and a bit winding, but not a bad road.  We drove in and out of the pockets of fog for several miles until we reached the William Hearst State Park in San Simeon.  This is a small park with land donated by W.H. Hearst to the State of California.  Above the park and across the highway, high up on a hill, sits the famous Hearst Castle.

                                 There are beautiful ocean views from the grounds of Hearst Castle.DSCF6894

We have been to Hearst Castle and didn’t plan to go back today.  We did pull into the state park to set out our picnic lunch.  We were lucky and there was no fog present.  We found a table overlooking the ocean and enjoyed our tuna sandwiches.

                                            An ocean view is always a treat.DSCF6881

Annie enjoyed a picnic, too.  I brought some Cheerios along for her.  After eating we wanted to walk out on the pier, so we had to put Annie in the car.  No dogs allowed.  We parked the car in the shade of a tree and put in the 2 window guards for her protection.  This way we can keep the windows down for good ventilation, but nobody can stick their fingers or hands inside the car.

                                  I got these from the Drs. Foster and Smith catalog a long time ago.DSCF6901 

This gull was standing sentry at the pier entrance.  He was standing on a sign warning of Danger.  I think the only danger might have been if that gull flew over us and pooped on our heads.  It’s happened before.


There were people fishing out on the pier and others, like us, just walking and taking photos.  It isn’t a long pier.  There is swimming allowed on the North side of the pier and a group of kids were there today.  The pier juts out into San Simeon Bay. 

                                           School field trip?  I have no idea but they were having fun.DSCF6899

                                            San Simeon BayDSCF6888

                                            Sailboat anchored off the pier in San Simeon Bay.DSCF6889

                                          From the pier Bruce looks back toward the little state park.DSCF6895

                                     California Coastal Hwy. 1 will provide you with a beautiful journey.DSCF6898

The coast of California provides many scenic vistas in so many places from border to border.  I can’t say we’ve seen them all, but over the past 45 years of travel and touring, we’ve seen a lot of them.  We still like making a repeat visit to some of our favorites.  I hope everyone reading this blog will someday get to see this area in California.  Try it, you’ll like it.


Tomorrow’s post will finish our day trip with Part 2.  Have a great day everyone.

Until next time… long for now!



Today you had Tuna sandwiches beside the shores of the Pacific Ocean & today I had a Tuna sub beside the shores of Lake Huron. Is it another fine example of great minds thinking alike or just ordinary folks eating their Tuna by the water:))

Gypsy said...

I'm thankful my kids were all born before the digital age. I kept photo albums for each of them, and now that they are having their own kids they refer to the pictures often. Their spouses also have albums, and it is so much fun to go back and look at these kids and see how their children favor both of them.

Carol K said...

Lovely photos, lovely write-up of your day trip! It sounds like you had a very nice time.

Margie and Roger said...

OMG I've never seen those window guards for a dog. Wonderful idea. I'll be getting some of those soon.

Margie M. said...

Bayfield Bunch: I would prefer the "great minds" theory! :)

Rick and Paulette said...

Margie, you stole my photos!! Just kidding of course, but when I went back to my post from earlier this year on our visit to San Simeon, I found our picture subjects are amazingly similar!

It sure is a beautiful spot and pier plus a great place to stop for lunch. Thanks for some great memories.

Sue and Doug said...

great minds do think alike!..and yours is a great is Al's..nice post today and thanks for sharing your day with us!..the beach looks lovely!!!

Judy and Emma said...

Great minds or not, I wouldn't eat tuna anywhere! Uck! :)

Sarah said...

I love those window guards. I haven't been able to drive with the windows down when my Duchess (my shelter rescue dog) is in the car, because the first and LAST time I did it, she JUMPED OUT of the moving vehicle! Luckily she was ok, but man!

I'm going to see if those are still available.

Gail Durham said...

I love the window guards, what a great idea! I enjoyed reading your blog post today, great pictures!

pidge said...

Beautiful pictures today. We can't wait to get out there. Stay safe.

Wayne and Roberta said...

Where and how do you store all of your supplies for making your photo albums. The albums will be something the "Grands" will always treasure.

Looks like another great day on the coast.

Phyllis said...

I feel it is nice to have something to "hold" such as photo albums. Your granddaughters are surely special.

My daugher has asked us to send postcards very often to her daughters. She is making them scrapbooks of our travels.

Anonymous said...

HI Margie we went on the tour of the Castle the same year we went horse back riding on Pismo Beach. I would love to do that again. I looks so beautiful and warm there. Being a Pices I am so drawn to the water.

Keep having fun and I am looking forward to more pictures.

Brenda Brown (John and Brenda's Incredible Journey)

Dennis and Donna said...

I had tuna salad today too...standing by the sink and eating out of the bowl...I was gazing out our kitchen window wishing I was gazing at a cactus...