Saturday, September 4, 2010

Living In Tumwater

One of the most appealing parts of living fulltime in our motorhome is the option to live anyplace we choose for any length of time we choose.  We are not constantly on the move as if we are living on a permanent vacation.  I think we’d get burned out quickly if we moved to a new town every couple of days, plus the fuel cost would bankrupt us!  The two places we spend longer periods of time are Tumwater, Washington and Pismo Beach, California.  We spend anywhere from 30 days to 90 days per visit in these two locations.  When we are away from Tumwater or Pismo, that’s when we like to explore new places or return to a familiar place we once enjoyed on a vacation trip.

Pismo Beach has the better of the two RV parks to stay in……there is really no comparing the two.  However, since our kids and grands live in Tumwater, we need to be here for certain times of the year.  Couple that with taking care of all doctor and dentist appointments and it truly is a one-stop trip for all of our basic needs.

The greater Olympia area, which includes Tumwater and Lacey, is short on great options for RV parking.  We chose the park that gives us convenience over anything else.  When living in Tumwater we stay at the Allimor Estates (I use that term loosely) but “estates” is part of the name.  It may not be glamorous, but it is nice enough and we are safe off the streets here and have full hookups.

                                                          This is the entry drive when you pull in off of Littlerock Road in Tumwater.DSCF6426  

At this park there are a mix of older trailer homes, newer manufactured homes, new park model homes and RV’s.  The place certainly has an eclectic appearance.  Almost all of the RV spaces have 30 amp. service only.  About a year ago the owner redid a few of the sites at the far end of the street and 2 of those sites have 50 amp.  We’ve lucked out to get one of those on our last few return trips, although we did spend the winter of 2008-2009 here in a 30 amp site with 2 feet of snow on the ground.  We were here from November thru March and that was quite an experience.  The snow only lasted about 2 weeks, but it was a miserable 2 weeks.  Normally, we don’t get that much snow here.

This past year we’ve had our 50 amp. site with nobody else around us.  That is really nice since the sites are very close together.  Rather a cock-eyed configuration of these redone sites, too.  We could never figure out the thought process for the layout.

                                                          This is the rear view of our motorhome in it’s 50 amp. site.DSCF6268

Most of the trailer homes here have seen better days and are pretty worn out, but they still provide safe shelter for the folks that need to live there.  We have no issues with the residents here.  We’ve made efforts to always be friendly and outgoing with our neighbors.  For the most part they are all very nice people, and quiet neighbors to boot!  We return every few months and they all look for us when we come back.

                                                          View from our dining room window.  Older trailer homes on left, RV’s on right.DSCF6266

                                                           30 amp. RV sites on the right side of the street.DSCF6401

Last year the owner added 3 brand new park models in an area that had previously been for RV’s.  We are hoping he won’t remove all of the RV sites, but were told by the manager that he isn’t likely to be doing that.  2 of the 3 park models have been rented, the other is still available.

                                                           Row of brand new park model homes.DSCF6402

                                                           One of the newer manufactured homes in the park.DSCF6403

This RV/trailer park has no amenities except a very small laundry room, which we do not use.  There is no  clubhouse, pool, restroom facility, shuffleboard court and no view of anything except your neighbor.  You will be crammed in next to a neighbor if you have one by you.  Our rent here is $415.00 per month including all utilities.  The 30 amp. sites are $15.00 per month less than the 50 amp. sites.

This park is freeway close, 3 grocery stores within walking distance, plus a Costco across the street.  It is within 1/2 mile of both of our kids homes.  It is quiet and peaceful here.   We are content to be here when we feel the need to hang out in Tumwater for a month or two.  It does not have the “it factor” that many full-timers and part-timers are looking for.  I guess you can’t have everything sometimes. 

I just thought I’d show you where we “live” when we are here in Tumwater.  We call it home… least until “blast off” day arrives.

Until next time… long for now!


pidge said...


We have stayed in a lot of RV Parks that look a lot worse than yours, and some of them had the nicest people in them. If it works for you, that is all that matters.

Gypsy said...

I would prefer a little less "it" factor and have friendly people around me. Not to constantly socialize with, but just people who can smile.

Judy and Emma said...

Good job on centering a new header, Margie! And what a header it is!

If it's quiet and convenient, you can adjust. I'm glad you didn't have next door neighbors all summer. :)

There are advantages to that vs staying in your child's driveway for an extended period of time. (believe me:))

Happytrails said...

Margie, thanks for sharing your home with us when you are in Tumwater. It is nice to be conveniently located near the kids and to have a good safe place to live when you are in that area.
Hope you and Bruce have a great rest of the holiday weekend.
TAke care and be safe.
Mike & Gerri

Rick and Paulette said...

I think your setup their in Tumwater is ideal. It's very reasonable cost-wise and seems to be in a great location for shopping etc. As for the "resort amenities", well it makes it all the more special when you travel and visit parks like Pismo Beach. Thanks for the tour of your home park!

Me and My Dog said...

I agree, your header looks Great!
You know what they say, Location, Location, Location. It sounds like you have a great location. Maybe not as many amenities as some other parks, but a good location, low cost and good neighbors are the first three things I'd want. Thanks for sharing.

Sue and Doug said...

great header picture..where is that?..and as for the tour of the 'estates'?..thanks..nice to have a picture in our heads where you are 'living'..till blast off!!

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

We are still thinking of heading to that area next year and will keep you write up in mind.

We recently have experience in less than perfect sites :)

JODI said...

Home is where the heart is...and home is with the "grands" and your children. Those seems like great amenities for $415 a month. :-)

Dennis and Donna said...

Sounds like you two are in just the perfect spot for visiting family when in Tumwater...Lots of stuff within walking distance and safe,too....Happy blastoff!!!

Carol K said...

I liked seeing your RV parking spot in Tumwater. It makes the scenic spots all the more enjoyable when you get one. The price is right at Alimor and it's safe there--that's what counts!

Freely Living Life said...

I, too, love the new header picture! Very dimensional! =)

Thank for giving us the Tumwater tour!

Counting down the days until blast off..... :0)


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