Thursday, March 4, 2010

ZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz, he snores!

Well, we've been here at I-5 Uhlmann RV since 8:15 this morning.  Still don't have the RV ready for us yet and Bruce has fallen asleep beside me.  Snoring lightly, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Will we get out of here before 6:00 tonight ?????  That's anybody's guess.

They have to order a brand new monitor for the backup camera.  That thing was only 3 years old.  Makes you wonder sometimes.  That means we have to return in about a week to have the new one installed.  They have also taken care of several other things, including a leak in the slide out....that was just COMPLETELY rebuilt at the factory in August.  Let's just not go there with a discussion on that.

I'll post more tonight when we get *home* and settled even if it takes me until midnight to get it done.

Until next long for now!


Sandra said...

It's hard to get good help in any industry!

Barb said...

You two are dong what my hubby and I always wanted to do. We were able to see all of United States when we were trucking.But unfortunately, he developed health problems so traveling is out. I am looking forward to your updates. If I can't go on the trip, reading about yours is the next best thing. I can only imagine the memories the two of you are creating. Blessings. Stay safe.