Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Met Some Nice Folks In Yreka

The one thing you can usually count on when you are an RVer, is being able to meet some nice folks.  Oh, we've met our share of cranky-pants people and folks that wouldn't give you a second look to save their life....but by and large the folks you meet in the RV world are genuine, down to earth nice folks.

Bruce and I aren't real outgoing people.  Maybe we're a little shy about just walking up to somebody and starting a conversation, but once we get the ice broken, we could just talk and talk and talk.  We're getting better at the socializing stuff, but we still aren't big "joiners" and so forth.  Baby steps I guess.

Today when we pulled into the Yreka RV Park in Yreka, California I got Annie out for a walk and Bruce went in to register.  We have stayed at this park on 2 other occasions and it is very nice.  As Bruce was leaving, a man happened to be there and he started a conversation about our motorhome and if we liked it.  I walked up with Annie at that time, who was very happy she got out for her potty-walk, and the man introduced himself as Danny.  We talked for a couple of minutes about the motorhome and then I asked him if he wanted to see inside.  He said "yes" quickly.

Danny looked around a bit but it wasn't easy because we were still in the traveling mode with both slides tucked in and 2 dog beds and the dog food bin on the floor and 3 adults now standing in the middle of a tight space.   Bruce asked him if he'd like to come back for a better look once we drove to our site and got everything slid out and in order.  He said "yes" quickly again and asked if he could bring his wife this time.

So we drove the rig over to site F-6 and got everything all settled, hooked up the utilities and made things ship-shape for living once again.  Pretty soon Danny and his wife wandered over from their own motorhome parked 2 rows behind us.  The missus introduced herself as Karen and we began giving her the tour of our Tour. They are interested in the purchase of a DP in the 36 to 40 foot range.  They currently full time in a 32 foot Southwind that they say isn't what they really want.  They enjoyed the tour of our RV home and asked a bunch of pertinent questions.

When the tour was finished, I asked them to have a seat for a while and we really got to talking with them then.  Danny is a retired police officer from California and is now working as a musician.  He likes to travel a circuit and connect with different bands around the country.  They have family spread here and there throughout the states and try to visit them as often as possible.  They will be in the Yreka area for another month as Danny is playing with a band in the area.  They plan to head on out to Texas in a month or so.  Karen has parents in the Sacramento area that are ailing and that is a concern for her, and they visit them often, too.  After an hour or so they said their good-byes and went on back to their RV.  We may never see them again.  That's how it is with most of the folks we meet on the road, but you never know.  Paths can sometimes cross many times.

Here are some pics of this Yreka RV Park  We got here with some daylight to spare so I was able to take a few photos.  The park is fairly new with nice, level spaces that are long enough for our RV plus the car without having to unhitch it.  50 amp service with full hook-ups are available.  There are a total of 102 spaces.  There is a large clubhouse, laundry facility and clean restrooms.  Free coffee is available every morning in the clubhouse.  There is also cable TV at every site and FREE Wi-Fi.  You can get a Good Sam discount, which we did.  The cost for one night was still $36.00.
(click on photo for a larger view)

Tomorrow morning we are continuing our journey south.  We haven't a destination in mind for Thursday night.  We'll wait and see how the day goes. 

Until next long for now!


Cindy said...

Will be praying for your safe travel tomorrow!!
It sounds like you are feeling better!!

Night friend.


Carol K said...

Yes, we have stayed at Yreka RV Park a couple of times, too. I agree, it's a very nice park and in a good location for those of us who have to deal with crossing the Siskiyous, especially during times of bad weather.

There's a beautiful new park in Red Bluff (Durango) but that location usually doesn't work out for us, distance-wise.

Rick and Paulette said...

It's funny sometimes how a chance encounter, like yours, turns into a really enjoyable experience. We're not great socializers either and I don't like joining anything, but like you say once we do meet someone and start talking it always seems to work out well. We've met a lot of very nice folks this year simply by taking our dogs to the dog park here. At least we all have something in common to talk about.

squawmama said...

It is good meeting new friends... Ralph & I are kinda like you. We don't just jump out there and start chatting but once the ice is broken we are quick to make new friends. Hope you have fun & travel safe my friend!

Dinah Soar said...

Reading your travel blog gives me the wander lust. As a kid we moved a lot due to dad's job and spent a few years out west--California, Wyoming, Montana and Texas. Haven't been back there since I got married and took a family vacation in 1975. Seeing your photos makes me want to go west. Our son recently moved to TX from PA so we'll be making regular trips to TX in the future--perfect timing.

Happytrails said...

RVing folks are just wonderful!! That is something Mike and I are having fun discovering.

You all please travel safely!

Mike & Gerri(

Anonymous said...

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