Monday, March 8, 2010

Were Those Snow Flakes ???

Today is another special day as I welcome a new "Follower" to my blog.  Welcome aboard and a very big THANK YOU to Allan and Jeanne Webster.  I appreciate your attention to this little blog and I hope you will be entertained by it.

This afternoon I drove a mile down the road to visit my dear friend, Dorothy.  We visited for quite a while and she gave Annie a few kibble treats, before I said my good-byes.  I'm hoping to see Dorothy one more time before we leave town again.  When I left Dorothy's house this is what the sky looked like....

After our visit, I wanted to check out a little park in Tumwater to see if spring was beginning to arrive yet.  It was a very short drive to the Tumwater Historical Park.  This is a nice little park tucked between Interstate 5 and Capitol Blvd. and runs parallel to the Deschutes River.  There are 2 restored homes that have been turned into museums, but were not open at this time.  There is also a large grass area for kids play or games, a great playground with all sorts of equipment for outdoor play, and a nice assortment of picnic tables.  We have taken the "Grands" here for summer picnics a few times.  The signs of a newly arriving spring were not too evident, however, some trees were flowering and they looked beautiful.  As I was taking a couple of photos I noticed the sky was turning a darker color and the lovely white clouds had vanished. 

I made a quick walk to the banks of the Deschutes River to see what I could see.  Across the river is part of the historic old brewery, which is no longer in use. 

I also saw several Mallard ducks enjoying the river during this peaceful and quiet time of day.  There are a couple of short walking trails here, but it seemed rain was threatening, so I made a quick retreat to my car, and Annie.
As I drove back to the motorhome, it began to rain lightly.  Hey....what was that????  Was that hail???? was too soft for was snow!!!   A quick check of the thermometer reading on the dash showed the outdoor temp was 40F, so I knew the snow would be short lived and would not stick.  Sure enough, by the time I drove the 2 or 3 miles from the park to the motorhome the snow was changing to rain again.

This is typical weather for the Tumwater/Olympia area in March.  Last year, they got a good bit of snow even in April. Fortunately, we were in the town of Salem, Virginia by that time.  I'm hoping that we get nothing worse than rain while we are here this month.  That's easy to live with....we are used to the climate in Western Washington after living here for 16 years.  Having said that, it will be nice to get down to our warm southern states in a few weeks!

Until next long for now!



Love those lavender colored trees & that sure is good sign of spring alright.

Phyllis said...

There are some flowering tress in bloom here in Louisiana too this week. I also notice undergrowth shrubs are getting green. SPRING AT LAST MAYBE????? We sure hope so.

Jerry and Suzy said...

Spring comes in different ways in different places - you get snow flakes, Al is seeing flowers in his desert, and here in Benson the cottonwoods are beginning to leaf out. Ah, spring, when a young man's mind turns to toughts of mowing lawns and painting the shed. Good thing I'm not a young man anymore. Except young at heart.

KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

Our snow is finally melting here.. so I guess you are getting the stuff we don't want?


Karen and Steve

Rick and Paulette said...

Seeing the word snow makes the wind here today not so bad!