Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Non-Stop Busy Day

We are settled in at our *homebase* RV park in Tumwater, Washington.  We'll pull out of here on March 24th.

Today was one of those busy-non-stop days we seem to have when we come back here.  It went something like this:

*  Rise and Shine at 6:00 am
*  Throw some clothes on quickly
* Take Annie out for her potty break
*  Hurry over to DD and SIL to get the "Grands" to school by 6:55 am  (helping out for today)
*  Return to the RV, shower, dress and out the door by 8:40
*  Get Annie to Petco for her grooming appt. by 9:00
*  McDonald's for English muffin breakfast (talked with some of the old folks we know there)
*  Get the car washed
*  Do some grocery shopping at Walmart
*  Put groceries away back at the RV
*  Eat a quick lunch
*  Sanitize fresh water tank in RV
*  Trip to the Post Office - mail Aunt Phyllis her tax return copies
*  Stop at vet to pick up $289.00 in medications for Annie (this dog is killing me) LOL
*  Go back to Petco to get our Annie (she looks pretty)
*  Stop at the Dollar Store for some cards  (I'm too cheap to shop at Hallmark)
*  Buy a birthday cake  (hate to bake cakes)
*  Buy a notebook at Staples
*  Pick Zoey up at preschool (DD took Mackenzie to gymnastics practice)
*  Go to DD's house to fix her a birthday dinner
*  Everybody gets home and we eat dinner
*  Enjoy birthday cake (she is 35 yrs. old today, but we only used 1 candle)
*  We do the dishes tonight for DD
*  Come home, check computer, read some blogs
*  Ready for bed, we're exhausted

I think we need a vacation from the busy fulltiming lifestyle !!  I'll try for a better post tomorrow evening.  We're heading down to Chehalis early tomorrow for RV repairs we'd had scheduled for 6 weeks.

Until next long for now!


Cyndi said...

Whew! Did you take time to breathe? What a day. Don't forget to take time for yourselves!

sue and doug said...

and you said you were old??..ha!!..sounds like a busy day!!!

Rick and Paulette said...

Hey, I was worn out by the time you got to 9am!! That is sure a great picture at the top of your post.

KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

Sooo what did Bruce do? LOL

Jerry and Suzy said...

You'll be glad to be back out of Tumwater for sure this time!


I liked the part about McDonald's English Muffin breakfast best:))