Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Looking Forward

Our capitol building in Olympia, Washington

Sometimes life gets in the way of pursuing your dreams and sometimes you can just incorporate what is going on in your life with living the dream.  I haven't posted since last summer about Bruce's "potential illness" since there was really nothing new to report.

Anyone who was looking at my blog last February 14, 2009 read a post about Bruce possibly getting a diagnosis of myelodysplastic syndrome.  Turned out the oncologist could not determine anything positive.  Bruce could develop it in the future...or he may not develop it.  This is a pre-leukemia disease.   With that information last year we just decided to look forward to continuing our fulltime RV lifestyle (which had only begun 6 months prior to this news). 

Last week the doctor told Bruce there was nothing new showing up in the blood tests and at this point there was no reason to see the oncologist unless something shows up in the future.  So...we are continuing to look forward once again.

It seems like we are looking forward, now, to beginning the next part of our journey when we leave Tumwater on the 24th.  We'll be away from Tumwater until approximately June 4th.  I'm looking forward to seeing some places we haven't seen in a long time and some places we've never seen. 

We'll be making a return trip to the Texas Hill Country in April.  Just a stop over for a few days, but looking forward to seeing the wildflowers blooming.  I'm looking forward to taking some nice photos for my blog on this trip.  We expect to see some amazing things once we begin our trek home traveling along Hwy. 50. 

While we've been sitting here in Tumwater, Bruce has been doing some armchair traveling with our travel books searching out new possibilities for future trips.  There are endless possibilites out there and we look forward to getting the chance to fullfill that dream. 

Budd Inlet and the Olympic Mountains in the background

Until next long for now! 


Gypsy said...

You both must be so relieved at the news, and I'm happy you can continue your travels without worrying about it. Now, enjoy the planning!

Phyllis said...

What!!! I can't believe it. We will be in the Texas Hill Country in April. Probably around mid month! Let's talk.....

My email


Yes, the "endless opportunities" are what it's all about alright. In many ways we are fortunate to be living in the times that we do with it's endless possibilities for travel. When we were kids I don't think the words 'Recreational Vehicle were even invented yet. It was all station wagon cars & tents if you ever went on any trips. My, how the times have changed.......

KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

Well that is just marvelous news about Bruce's tests!!! Congrats and keep on RVing and posting about your adventures!

Karen and Steve

Jerry and Suzy said...

Sometimes life does get in the way of living your life. As we have often heard, "If you wnat to hear God laugh, make your own plans!" Well, maybe He isn't laughing really, just kind of chuckling good naturedly. Keep on plugging, keep on RVing, and keep on blogging!

Rick and Paulette said...

Great news about Bruce's tests - no news, is good news in cases like that!! It's amazing that you are off so soon on another long trip - all the way to Texas, perfect!

Ali said...

Yeah for good news about the blood tests. I am sure you and Bruce are relieved.

I look forward to traveling with you to Texas and beyond.

Hope you are having a great day!

squawmama said...

Congrats on things still looking great for Bruce... I have worked around cancer for the last 3 years... I am cancer free but my doctors are amazed that I am always finding ways to escape right after my checkups... Well we'll be in Colorado Springs the first week of APril so if you go by give us s shout!!! Have fun & travel safe!