Sunday, March 14, 2010

An Overnighter

Last night we had the "Grands" for a sleepover at the motorhome.  Mackenzie had a gymnastics meet up in Kent so they didn't arrive until 4:00 pm.  Darin and Stephanie dropped them off on their way back home after the meet. 

Side note:  Darin is our son-in-law and he is a great guy.  He is good natured and easy to get along with.  Sometimes we joke with him and call him "Durwood" like in the old 60's sitcom Bewitched.  That Darren's mother-in-law (Endora) called him Durwood just to bug him, like she didn't remember his name.  So, sometimes when I call Stephanie on the phone I'll ask how "Durwood is doing".  It's all just in good fun and our Darin takes it in that spirit.

Back to our evening with the girls.....We soon got rid of Mom and Dad and piled the girls into our Explorer for a trip to Petco.  Annie was in need of a new dog food supply and we decided to stock up on a little bit before leaving town in about 10 days.  There is a nice Petco store right over in west Olympia and we went there first.  When we take the girls with us they always like to spend a bit of time checking out all of the little furry, feathery, scaly, and wet pets you can buy.

Zoey zoomed right in on the Ferret population, although they were snoozing and paid us no attention.
Both Mackenzie and Zoey looked at some other small animals.  I think it was a hamster cage they were checking out.  They would love to have one, but I don't think it would be a good idea for Grandma to spring one of those on our daughter at the moment.  (could be fun though!)

Before going further, Mackenzie helped Papa get Annie's dog food loaded into the cart.

Next stop was the area for the reptiles.  Yuck!  I hate looking at those things.  There were a few snakes and lizards and then a very nice looking tortoise.

Mackenzie looked at some fresh water fish and Zoey checked out the salt water tanks.

Here were a lot of goldfish for the girls to see.

Zoey found the rack for dog clothing and wondered if I would buy this for Annie.  I explained to her that Annie wouldn't like to wear clothes, and that I also thought clothing for dogs was...well...stupid.  (sorry if any reader dresses up their dog)

Before we got to the checkout counter, Zoey headed back for one last look at some cute guinea pigs.  She really liked those guinea pigs.

We got everyone and the dog food loaded up into the Explorer again before heading off to Target.  Zoey has suddenly developed issues about staying in her own bed at night and goes into Mom and Dad's bed around 2:00 am to finish off her sleep.  Not fun.  So, tonight she and Grandma talked this over and I asked her if I bought her new "fun sheets" would she stay in her bed?  She said, "Yes".  (Yeah, right)  So we let her go to the bedding aisle at Target to pick out a new set of sheets.  She zeroed in on a full sized set featured Lightning McQueen and Mater from the Disney movie "Cars".  She loves that movie.  Fine with me.  We bought those and when we got back to the motorhome I washed them so they would be ready for tonight at home.  I'll have to find out if the new deal worked or not.

Here in the motorhome last night, we had no problems.  We made up the living room sofa bed for the 2 girls and after a few...."Grandma, Zoey's kicking me" and...."Grandma, Mackenzie's breathing too loud and taking up too much of the bed" they settled down and were soon asleep.  And Zoey stayed in her bed all night even without fun sheets.  They will be back again next Saturday night for more of the same.

Until next long for now!  


Gail Durham said...

Margie, I love reading your blog. I think that Mackenzie and Zoey are lucky to have a "Grandma" like you. Thanks for sharing.

Cindy said...

I believe new sheets fall into the bribery category..which by the grandparents rule book is great to do!! I also believe on your last day there..buying a hamster or two falls under the rule of giving gifts and running..also a great idea!!
Sounds like you are having a great time!! They are so cute. Are you using a camera or your cell phone for pictures?

Cindy from Tx

Carol K said...

I always enjoy the updates about your "Grands".

Margie, I've been meaning to ask you a couple of questions:
1) How do you get on the internet while you are on the road? Air-card?

2)Do you have an all-in-one washer/dryer or separate washer and dryer?

Kim Hadley said...

hi.... i was surfing around online today looking for blogs about people living and traveling around in RV's. I came across yours.

I am working at putting a resource site up for RVing and would love to repost some of your blog there.

The site is I'm trying to build up stories, resources all with the aim to provide people inspiration so they take the plunge and live the dream!

If you feel you'd like to participate, you can email me at, or just reply to the comment and i should get that.


KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

Aww that is just TOO CUTE!!! I just read Joe and Sherri's blog about babysitting their grandkids this weekend too. How wonderful for you to take the grandkids for the weekend. What a treat for everyone all around!!!

Karen and Steve

Phyllis said...

There is NOTHING like Granddaughers. That was the hardest part of starting to fulltime - leaving those girls we love so much. Only three months and we will see them again. Margie, enjoy those girls as I know you will.

Margie M. said...

Thanks for all the nice comments today. To answer a couple of questions are those answers:

Cindy: I only use my camera to take pics. We are some of those strange folks that have a cheap cell phone and it doesn't take great photos. We really just want it to be a telephone. They had a hard time with that at the AT&T store. We don't want or need an iphone, smartphone, or blackberry. Too expensive for monthly charges. Our camera is fairly inexpensive too. It is a Fujifilm Finepix S1500 10.0 megapixel. It was under $275.00 last summer. We LOST an identical camera at Epcot in WDW last June and had to buy a new one. BooHoo.

Carol K.: We just use the ATandT wireless aircard for internet connection here in Tumwater or out on the road. We have had a very few places where it would not connect. Those places usually had WiFi as a substitute. AND I have the Splendide combo W/D in our MH. With our floorplan we could not get the stackable unit as there is not enough space for them. I know that some RV folks don't like the W/D combo but I am loving mine. Second MH we've had with one. About the only thing I don't wash are the large throw rugs or the king sized blanket. For those I go to the park laundry.

Hope this helps with the questions. Any more??? Just ask. I answer anything except what is my social security number or my credit card number. :)

Thanks everyone for checking in with my blog.

Gypsy said...

It would probably be considered a dirty trick to get the kids a pet and then you take off in a week or so. But it would be fun, wouldn't it?

sue and doug said...

great post today about your darling granddaughters.what great grandparents you are..and just think of the memories they will have when they are older..but you know you really should buy the guinea

Rick and Paulette said...

I agree Margie, great post today! I also think dressing dogs is stupid!! I remember taking our Granddaughter Jessica to the PetCo when she was your Grands ages - what a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing and great pics too.

Jerry and Suzy said...

If you get the Grands a pet, don't buy the tortoise. Did you see the price? $99.99! I wonder if people buy dresses for tortoises? I've never dressed a dog, but Suzy has dressed a turkey or two in her life.

I take it back. When we lived in Butte, MT, we had two little dogs who got very dirty, tangled fur in the middle of winter. We needed to get them cleaned up and clipped, so they got sweaters after they were clipped way short. That didn't last long, but it was necessary.

Dinah Soar said...

Genius idea to get her new fun sheets on her promise of staying in her bed. It may technically be bribery, but it could also be considered 'incentive'. Even we adults need a little (or a lot!) of incentive to do the right/best thing some of the time--some things are just harder than others.