Thursday, March 25, 2010

Yreka, CA to Santa Nella, CA

It started raining hard last night around 8 pm.  By 9 pm. we were sound asleep, drugged by the cold medication.  Sometime in the night the rain quit and when we woke up this morning the mountains around the Yreka RV Park had a nice dusting of fresh snow. 

We got ourselves ready to roll and pulled out of the RV park and were soon heading south on I-5 again.  As we got a little closer to the town of Weed those little rain drops began turning to light snow flurries.  We pulled off the interstate in Weed and parked at the local McDonald's for our favorite breakfast of English muffins and coffee.  Ate our fill of that and soon enough were back "on the road again".

As we began to drive further south, those little snow flurries turned back to rain drops again.
We had an uneventful drive (thank goodness) and chugged merrily along until we stopped for a fuel stop and lunch break at the Flying J in Corning.  We ate our sandwiches in the RV and played a few hands of Gin Rummy while Annie stood watch over the front seat area and barked at those people having the nerve to walk too close to "her" coach.

After the lunch break we got back onto the interstate.  We hadn't decided where we were going to go tonight.  Would we dry camp?  Would we go to an RV park?  Toss a coin maybe.  This time of year in California's central valley you ride along being able to view the lovely green hills.  You can see a lot of farmland along this interstate, too.

In a couple of hours Bruce decided it was time for Annie to make a pit stop.  We pulled into one of the Rest Areas.  There were some pretty wildflowers blooming here.

After gettng back on the road we decided to make a stop for the night in Santa Nella, exit 407.  The decision was made to try the Santa Nella RV Park right off the interstate.  We had stayed here on a couple of previous trips, but it was a long time ago.  We quit stopping here because the prices were getting too high and they charged you $5.00 per pet.   Before we got there I called them to check on the daily rate.  The woman quoted me $23.40 and NO charge for a pet.  OK, it was a done deal.  That rate was with our Good
Sam discount.

The park is sufficient for an overnight stay.  It sure isn't first class, but then we rarely need first class.  It works great for a stop over, especially after a long day of driving.  Here is the office/manager's home.  There is also a separate building for restrooms.  I didn't inspect them as we will not be using them.

Here is one of the rows of RV's behind ours, and here is our motorhome.  This is an older RV park and in order to fit the larger rigs you need to park at an angle.  They give you 2 spaces for this but still only charge you for one space.  It has full hook-ups with 50 amp.service.  It was a level space with room for both slides and the car to park behind us....what more do we need for tonight?   Nothing.

Tomorrow we are having another long day.  We plan to drive to the Morongo Casino north of Palm Springs for an overnighter before moving on to Ehrenburg for 2 nights.

Until next long for now!



Know what you mean by not needing first class. Why pay all that extra money just to have the park's palm trees in a perfect line & cement walkways so you don't get dust on your shoes.

Jerry and Suzy said...

Hey, Margie and Phil -- shake those colds before you get to Benson on Monday. Suzy is fighting her way through one of them herself -- we'd hate to meet up with you, all of us wearing face masks so we don't cross-pollinate! By the way, there is a McDonalds at exit 302, but most of our town and RV parks are better accessed through exit 303. Unless, of course, you are going to stay at Cochise Terrace, which is at exit 302. You can get a great dinner at Palatiano's in the "heart" of town. If you are OK with that, maybe we could meet for dinner, unless you want to eat earlier than 6:30.

Rick and Paulette said...

Scary to know there's still the possibility of snow an I-5! Thanks for the tip about that little park in Santa Nella as we often find that's where we're ready for a stop on the way home.

squawmama said...

Hey Margie... We met Suzy & Jerry at Palatiano's and it is a great Italian Restaurant. Not to mention that they are the sweetest people... We really enjoyed meeting them. If you sre heading on I-10 we'll be in Tonopah, Az just to the west of Phoenix. We are staying at Saddle Mountain RV Park and would love to meet you guys...Have fun & safe travels

Paul and Mary said...

We actually spent a weekend in Santa Nella, if you can believe it! We stayed at the other park just south of yours (San Luis Park?) for a Winnie rally. Nothing fancy but it sure works.

And, of course, if you stop in Santa Nella you have to have Anderson's Pea Soup!!!

Safe travels!

Gypsy said...

I remember driving past Santa Nella on my way north, and even saw the sign for Anderson's Pea Soup. I was bookin' for Sacramento so didn't even slow down. Maybe some day.

I can imagine you are ready to not see snow again for a long time.