Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Couple of Responses to Comments

I got some really great comments yesterday after my post.  Thanks to everyone.  Comments are always appreciated.  I thought I'd just address a couple of those comments in this post.

I posted that we would be traveling through the Texas hill country in early April.  A couple of people wrote to see if we could meet up with them while we are there.  Marlan at RV52 said he and his wife will be staying at the Millers Creek campground in Johnson City.  We had originally planned on the Roadrunner RV Park.  I checked again on the rvparksreview website and the Millers Creek actually sounds a little bit we'll think about going there now, also.  The cost per night is comparable.

We will be in Johnson City from March 31 thru April 3, checking out and heading east on April 4th.  So, if we can work out the details, we'd be happy to try and get together with anyone while we are in the area.  We don't have any major plans....just food.  In 1997, we came to the area and did all the LBJ stuff and so forth.  This time Bruce decided he wanted to go back so he could eat lunch or dinner in Fredericksburg and then go to Round Rock to get the big 2-lb. donut.  I want to see the wildflowers if they will be in bloom at that time.  It may be a little early, especially after the winter Texas has seen this year.  Of course, I'm not against that big old donut!!!  I'll be having me some of that too.  We pretty much just want to drive around and see the beautiful countryside. 

Terry and Carol asked if we'd be posting any photos of the campgrounds we'll be staying at while on this 3-month trip.  YES, I plan to do that very thing.  With the exception of Johnson City, Texas, most of our stops until we get to Florida will be just for an overnight.  Some of those will be in our membership park systems, but I'll still post on those as well.  We try to utilize those parks within our membership systems as often as possible.  It can't be done all the time, but we try to get to them if we are able.  Last August I made a detailed posting on what membership programs we have and exactly how much they cost us.  If anyone is interested in reading that post, CLICK HERE and,  hopefully, you'll get to it.  It is lengthy, but I gave total cost breakdown for purchase and annual fees. 

When we get to Florida, we will be going to Cape Canaveral for a couple of days before heading over to Orlando.  We'll stay outside the theme park areas until April 15 when we will move into Fort Wilderness in the Walt Disney World complex. 

I know what you are thinking.  Didn't those idiots just go to WDW last summer???  Yes, we did.  Here's what happened.  We had planned a total family vacation for June 2009.  Unfortunately, our son, Dennis, lost his job in Nov. 2008 and he needed to stick around and search for a new one.  Dennis found a new job in April 2009 but he did not have any vacation time to use.  So, we had to cancel his part of the trip.  We had promised the whole family this one-time opportunity for an all expenses paid trip to WDW.   Dennis now has vacation time with the new job and so we are making the "sacrifice" to go again to the Happiest Place On Earth.  I'll have a ton of stuff to post on while we stay there.  Last June we were there with the "Grands" (see archives for June 2009), Darin and Stephanie and now it will be Dennis' turn with his friend, Cyndi.  Last June we stayed in Fort Wilderness for 25 days and Stephanie's family was at the Contemporary Resort for 14 days.  We have Dennis and Cyndi staying at the Wilderness Lodge (their choice).

Big plans, busy times, tired times are ahead for us.  Then, after our time with Mickey is over we can relax and have a leisure trip back to Washington.  We check out of Disney on April 29 and don't expect to be back to Tumwater until June 25th.  That's the up to the minute plan....subject to change at any minute.  We do that often.  Make a plan....think about it....tear it up....and start a new plan.  Part of the adventure.

Until next long for now!


Cindy said...

Wildflowers are just starting!!
Should be going strong in J City by the time you are there.

Cindy in Tx

Cindy said...

I looked this up for you. The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center in Awill be open when ya'll are up. It is open from 9-5:30. Sr's pay 7 each there is a Cafe there. They also have a really neat website.
I haven't been..but I have heard nothing but great things.

Cindy from Tx

Rick and Paulette said...

Margie, sorry, but the only thing I can think about from your blog today is that 2lb donut!! Please, please post a picture of that o.k. - I love donuts and am having serious 'Tim Horton Donut' withdrawal symptoms while here in the US. I've already marked that place on my list of 'places I have to visit' - right near the top actually.

Paula Rodriguez said...

Wildflowers ---please take lots of pictures. Sounds like you have a fun time ahead of you Margie. Just enjoy reading about your adventures. I love Texas... especially San Antonio.

Looking forward to reading more in the coming months.

Terry & Carol said...

Thanks Margie, we too are C2C and AOR members, so it will be nice to see new campgrounds in the south and south west that we might stay at when we hit the road. Keep up the good work, really enjoying it
Terry & Carol

squawmama said...

Margie sounds like you have a great plan... Now you being in Florida at Disney is in my stomping grounds... We are from Palm Harbor on the Gulf Coaast side and have spent many weekends with my family there... Where are you staying over at Capr Canaveral... There is a park south of that called Jetty Park and it is right by the ocean... You can walk out to the pier and watch all the cruise ships go out. Disney is the best ship because it play Whne you Wish Upon a Star on its horns... As far as the 2# donut I wish I was going to be there... We had a 5# Cinnamon roll in San Antonio☺☺☺ Have fun & travel safe...

Ali said...


Your trip sounds so fun. I too would like to see a picture of the 2 lb donut. I just can't imagine it in my mind.

Thanks for taking us along on your journey.